We’re back! Welcome to 2017

We know, it’s been too long! Did you miss us? Well, we missed you and we’re raring to go for the year ahead. We’re looking forward to a year of great design, inspiring ideas and, of course, the usual smattering of fun in between.

We started a new series just before Christmas called ‘Homing In’ where we’ll be focusing on specific areas of your home where a little bit of attention may be required. That may be a task left over from your 2016 to-do list (vowing to take those photos from computer to frames and creating a feature wall was one we didn’t get round to) to problem solving small spaces.

We know you really enjoy sneak peeks and behind the scenes goss so one of the things we’ll be doing is getting to know some of the staff at Habitat HQ – what they do, how they got where they are and what makes them tick.

It may only be January but we’re already dreaming of sunnier climes. Look forward to our pick of the top travel spots for this year as well as welcoming the new season’s collection into your home. Summer is just around the corner, we promise!

And, if all that is isn’t enough…guess who’s back?

Henry Holland for Habitat

Yes, the new Henry x Habitat collection launches March 2017.

Add to this exclusive previews, the latest on trends, food and events and you’re all set for 2017! Let’s go!

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