Behind the Scenes of our New TV Ad Campaign

C’mon, admit it. You’d happily have a bit of a nose around someone else’s home if guaranteed you wouldn’t get caught. Peeking in windows, brazenly rifling through drawers…is that armchair vintage? Who is the handsome figure in the photos by the bed and, more crucially, where is that gorgeous pendant light from!?

Sound familiar?

We thinks so. In fact, our first TV campaign is based on the idea of the inner voyeur – a human instinct to know how others live. Except the Habitat voyeur, would be more interested in spying sofas, tables and cushions than what people do on or around them.

With that in mind, the inaugural Habitat TV ad, ‘The kiss’, will air on 19 April on Channel 4, during the finale of Indian Summers.  Shot by acclaimed photographer and director Miles Aldridge, it tells a vivid, 20-second story of a couple locking lips. But instead of following them out of shot, the Habitat gaze remains fixed on the true object of desire: the Hendricks Sofa. ‘We all look but only some of us see’, goes the strap line.


So don’t forget to tune in for our big debut and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook – #HabitatVoyeur is the hashtag you need.

But for now, we hope you like this look behind the scenes of the making of the ad and the gorgeous Hendricks sofa taking centre stage – now, I wonder where did they get that from?



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