Behind The Scenes of Our New TV Advert

What do you get when you mix a 9 month old Italian Greyhound, a rogue bra and a tanned superstar called Lyle? The new Habitat TV advert, that’s what.

We can’t help but remain endlessly mesmerised by the inner voyeur that resides within all of us; the one who is obsessed with seeing how other people live and how they choose to furnish their homes. And so we found ourselves, on Valentine’s Day, in a hangar in west London, channelling boundless energy (and that was just from Qwerty the dog), in a bid to encapsulate what goes on behind closed doors. All in 30 seconds.

TV set view of the new Habitat TV advert

We invite you to follow our vision as we scan the city…a girl loosely tying her hair up (actually our Marketing Executive, Kate, making her on-screen debut), a guy searching for an evening snack (an unwitting volunteer from the production team) and Sal, the actual model, trying desperately to get dressed with the ‘help’ of her playful mutt.

The set-build was a big one, incorporating neighbours’ windows to portray the busy-ness of a city. In post-production we added another floor to the apartment block to amp up the ambiance, and layer in yet more neighbours. By panning the camera in short, quick movements, director Thomas Hilland was able to mimic inquisitive eyes as they desperately searched for the object of their affection (in this case, a gorgeous hunk of a sofa called Lyle.)

Getting a dog to steal the right piece of clothing from an explosion of garments involves good old-fashioned bribery. Qwerty is actually a trained canine actor who, prior to being called to set, was given the all-important bra to play with. A game of fetch ensued and each time Qwerty collected the bra, she was rewarded with a treat.

One of the best shots comes at the end of the ad, where Sal makes a grab for her handbag, whilst on her way out for a night on the tiles. Scripted, it was. However, the part where Qwerty bounds around after her most certainly wasn’t. It worked really well in sealing the energy for the advert and made it into the final cut.

Italian Greyhound on Habitat lyle sofa in brown leather with grey and green throw

Check out the TV advert >

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