Behind The Scenes Of Our TV Ad

Our TV ad gives you permission to peer, peek and probe in on your neighbours. After all, we know you’re just eyeing up their new sofa.

Behind the scenes actors and camera on Habitat Voyeur TV ad shoot


We’re all guilty of it…you pass an open door as you walk down the street and can’t resist slowing down to have a look, you always sit on the top deck of the bus to get a better view through the big sash windows that line your journey home and the kids throwing their football into the neighbour’s garden means you get to see what their new kitchen looks like. Yes, we as a nation love to have a look. And our TV ad celebrates that.

The kiss from the Habitat Voyeur TV ad


We took over a studio in west London to recreate the interior and exterior of a couple’s apartment whilst Miles Aldridge, the acclaimed photographer and director, gives you a front row seat into their lives, honing in on the passion they just cannot contain but panning out to focus on a subject altogether more captivating…a true beauty…that Hendricks sofa. The real object of your affection. Swoon.

Behind the scenes room set with orange sofa for the Habitat Voyeur TV ad

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