Celebrating Pride At Habitat

Pride has officially begun and here, at Habitat, we are proud to support the LGBT+ community.

As a company, and group, Pride matters to us a lot, as it allows us to play a big part in helping to spread the awareness of equal opportunities, whatever our identity. It’s a time for us to celebrate and be visible as a community together. Which is why this year we are teaming up with Comic Relief to support akt this pride.


Working together with Comic Relief, we’re raising money for akt, who make it their mission to support the LGBTQ+ community of young people aged between 16 and 25 in the UK. Their mission is so help those that are either facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment and to place them into a welcoming and open environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities into safe homes, employment, education and training.

Comic Relief is the trading name of Charity Projects, a registered charity in England and Wales (326568) and Scotland (SC039730).



As part of Sainsbury’s Argos, we are the UK’s most active LGBTA+ network, supporting colleagues across all of our brands and helping us to become the “most inclusive retailer”. Our colleague network, “Proud @ Sainsbury’s”, has over 4,000 registered members and this year we are working towards 3 goals: to support celebrate Pride Month and increase visibility for the LGBT+ community; to reach even more colleagues with our stories of LGBT+ life and tips on how to be a great ally; and to champion inclusivity of all identities.

Phil Hollingdale 

“Pride allows me to truly and authentically be myself without worry of judgement or discrimination. Pride Month in particular, is a time to celebrate the achievements that the LGBT+ community has made so far in our society, but also a reminder of the long way we still have to go for true equality. The main reason I love Pride is because you get to see people having fun & celebrating our challenges and successes as a community, many of these people are often too scared to really be their authentic selves and Pride allows them to do this. I’m proud to represent Habitat within our Pride network and hopefully help other LGBT+ people in the wider community as best I can.”

Chris Bunning 

“Pride to me means being true to yourself and being proud of what you stand for, about being able to express yourself without fear of being judged or discriminated against. It’s not about only being able to do it through Pride Month but throughout the year, where you should be able to celebrate yourself as a person. I’m proud to work for a company where you can be yourself and who actively promotes these values by supporting Pride Month both internally and also in communities.”

Celebrating Pride

Make it a pride to remember by hosting a Summer garden party, where you can drink cocktails, dance the night away and celebrate this month in style. If the weather doesn’t hold out long enough, decorate your home with colourful furniture pieces, artwork and dinnerware.

Colourful garden bench

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