Colour Into Liquid Air – Platform cocktails

Even the cocktails are artistic at the private view of Colour Into Liquid Air, a wonderful new exhibition in Platform, our King’s Road gallery space. The event is on 6 February (the exhibition runs 7 February to 23 March) and everyone is invited – email marketing@habitat to reserve your place (and taste the delicious cocktails).

If you can’t make it, create the mood at home by conjuring up the delicious cocktails The Herball has created for the event, inspired by Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas’ work.

The Herball i2

Michael Isted, The Herball, explains…

‘The cocktails express the diversity of colour of Gracjana’s work but also the culture, food and scents of London. They are an expression of the environment of London, the green spaces, the habitat, the language of the flowers and plants, and although they don’t directly refer to objects, they do refer to the colours, flavours and aromas of our natural environment. The drinks were designed exclusively for this Platform event using authentic Herball extracts, local honey, freshly pressed juices and where possible organic ingredients.’

1. The Herball chamomile & honey liqueur served with organic vodka, blood orange, The Herball basil aromatic water and scented with fresh basil and chamomile oils.

2. Organic gin serve with pressed pear, watercress, fennel, ginger C02 extract and The Herball cinnamon aromatic water scented sparkling water. Perfumed with vanilla, cinnamon & ginger oils.

3. Organic vodka/gin served with tonic, spiced tincture of ginger, turmeric & black pepper and fresh herbs.

The Herball i

4. Without alcoholic; Blood orange, The Herball orange flower & cinnamon aromatic waters and lemon. 

Inspired by John Gerard’s 1597 Generall Historie of Plants, The Herball is dedicated to sharing and presenting ways in which we can integrate the power, beauty and joy of the plants around us into our everyday lives. Created in 2012 by Michael Isted, over recent years Michael has had an intuitive calling to the plants and has a passion for introducing ways in which people can invigorate and revitalise life through the power of plants. Michael’s background of consulting and creating beverage concepts for the luxury hotel, restaurant and spa sector whilst studying Herbal Medicine enables him to introduce and show people dynamic ways in which they can integrate and utilise the herbs.

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