Get The Look: Festival Hair

A beauty bar born on the White Isle… They’ve gotta know a thing or two about beachy waves, loose fishtail plaits and a messy bun, haven’t they? As well as glowy skin, a dash of bronzer and perfect lashes. Blowout Ibiza are the queens of the understated and masters in achieving that elusive, effortless beauty style you see hanging about at festivals. Fresh from their stint at Habitat’s festival that you don’t even have to leave you sofa for, Couchella, here’s your step-by-step guide to get two of Blowout’s festival looks at home. You’ll be California dreamin’ in no time.

Chill Out


This look suits everyone, is effortless & messy and is very easy to style.

To be able to achieve this look, use a waving wand to get the perfect beachy waves. The wider your wand is, the better.

Make sure you wind your hair onto the wand in different directions each time, and give them a little brush once you are done curling.

Use a texturising spray for extra volume and, if you have one, add a flower band for the wow-factor.

Make up:

Make sure you prep your skin by exfoliating before your makeup application.

Use a generous blob of moisturiser and always ensure you protect your skin with SPF 30+.

Use a very light weight and dewy foundation and apply with a wet beauty sponge for extra light coverage.

Fill in your brows with a powder rather than a pencil as that may look too harsh on your brows.

Smoke out your lids with both, a light rosy and darker brown eyeshadow colour. As you won’t be using any liquid eyeliner for this look, apply a generous amount of dark brown mascara to compliment the eyeshadow.

Now, take a neutral to rosy blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. For the finishing touch, take a Champagne coloured highlighter and apply it where the sun would normally hit your highest points: the bridge of the nose, inner corner of your eyes, below the brow bone, cheekbones and cupids bow.

A little gloss on the lips and you are good to go!



This is the perfect party look.

Straighten your hair and comb it backwards.

Apply a very generous amount of either hair spray or hair wax to secure the hold at the roots. Ensure you smooth this on evenly.

This style is best to be paired with a dark smoky eye.


Add add a couple of pumps of illuminating liquid highlighter to your moisturiser and apply to your face.

Now, take a medium coverage foundation to cover any imperfections you might have.

For this look, you want specifically dark and bushy brows so don’t be afraid to go heavy handed.

Use a dark reddish brown eyeshadow to smoke out your lower lash line and blend it in your crease too. Apply lots of mascara and a dark brown eyeliner pencil to your lash line, both upper and lower.

Now, apply a blush that is as natural as your cheek colour and add a brown or nude matte lipstick for a finishing touch.

Feel free to add some highlighter if you want to make your skin look even more radiant.

Fix Up, Look Sharp: Top Tips for Festival Beauty Survival

What must-have hair products should you make space for in your backpack?

If I was at a festival, they would definitely be hairspray to hold the style in any weather, and texturising spray for extra volume, as the hair can get flat throughout the day.

What’s the ultimate festival hair style?

It would have to be the ‘Chill Out’. Everyone loves the hippy look and as it’s such a messy look you wouldn’t have to spend hours recreating it. It’s effortless and just perfect for any festival.

What’s the best way to keep your barnet looking great when showers are elusive?

Dry shampoos will become your best friend. If you can’t wash your hair for a couple days at a festivals, use a dry shampoo and really work it into those roots.

The worst happens: it rains. How do you revive your ‘do’?

Don’t worry about the rain – tie your hair up in a very messy but high bun and let a few strands fall around your face. This is a fail-safe hair style for any weather condition.

You’re home! What’s the ultimate post-festival hair care routine?

As most festivals are in the summer your hair can get dry from the sun. Make sure you treat your it with a deep leave-in conditioner to get back the moisture it needs. Coconut oil works miracles. Apply it to dry hair and leave it in overnight. Wash it out in the morning and let your hair air-dry. If you do this once or twice a week you’ll see the difference in your hair condition.

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