I Scream Factory: Featured Artists

Habitat’s I Scream Factory exhibition is entering its last few days. Be sure to visit our Platform gallery before the 30th August for the event; it’s proving to be a belter.

In case you missed the news first time around, here’s what’s been going on: a celebrated collective of artists from around the globe – called I Scream Factory – showcasing photography, sculpture and installation that use (what else?) ice cream as a starting point to explore existential, political and philosophical issues. Sounds serious, right? It is.

As a taster, we’ve highlighted a selection of the artists who deserve your attention. Have a look.

Lena Vazhenina

Based in: Moscow

Background: After attending School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops, Moscow and Moscow Architectural Institute, Lena went on to showcase her photographs in galleries throughout Moscow and London, including I Scream Factory exhibitions in 2014.

Inspirations/influences: GTA’s Trevor, US Marines, old school Adidas, white socks, Elon Musk, Torchwood TV-series, moustaches, blue hearts.

Self-described style: Dirt, sexuality & tenderness



Sara Mautone

Based in: Florence

Background: “I started to go to museums with my parents when I was really young, then came to Florence to study and started to work at the famous Luisa Via Roma shop, before I was published in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. I started collaborations with artists from my town like Jonathan Tegelaars, who helped with images for the I Scream Factory show at Habitat.

Inspiration/Influences: I find a lot of inspiration in paintings. Mark Rothko. Alberto Burri. Abstraction. Colours. Mimmo Rotella and Roy Lichtenstein. Panda Bear songs.

Self-described style: I have a dark side – deep and intense that comes from experience. At the same time I remain a little bit childish, naive and playful – as I think every artist should be.



Melissa Eveleigh Evans

Based in: London

Background: Spent time studying at Ruskin, University of Newcastle and the RCA while exploring ‘the notion of liminal space through physical and psychological affect.’

Inspiration/Influences: Prehistoric New; Essential Materialism; Performative Form

Self-described style: Grotesque Minimalism



Alexandra Plesner

Based in: London

Background: Founding member of I Scream Factory. Born to a family of boutique ice cream makers in Austria. Studied MA Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins.

Inspiration/Influence: Symbolism. Music.Traditional narrative structure.The woods. Interested in the relationship of a human presence and its transitory nature.

Self-described style: Unhurried minimalism infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy and innocence. Playful in a metaphorical and suggestive manner.



Shotaro Ishii

Based in: London

Background: Studied at Central Saint Martins, achieving a BA Graphic Design. Now works as a designers and illustrator – mainly hand drawing but sometimes vector.

Inspirations/influences: Surrealism and social phenomenon

Self-described style: “What we see, what we say, what we know are very ambiguous.”



I Scream Factory, Platform, Habitat Kings Road


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