Let’s Meet: Superstar DJ’s BitterSweet

If there’s a musical coupling that’ll really get you heart pumping and your feet jumping it’s superstar DJ partnership, BitterSweet. From their regular slot on uber-cool Hoxton Radio to hanging out with Groove Armada, we hit the sofa with Ashley James and Charlotte de Carle and find out how they met, what makes them tick and how they deal with clashes behind the decks.

How did BitterSweet start?

BitterSweet began when Charlotte and I moved in with each other and discovered that we both DJ’ed and were both obsessed with music. Our music tastes are quite different so we would mix in each other’s songs and realised it worked pretty well so we started doing it out and about!

What are your individual music tastes?

We are enjoying each other’s music more and more but Ashley is really into grime, hip hop, afrobeats and R&B – anything new and upbeat. I love it when new artists cover old tracks – which Charlotte loathes. It’s running joke during our sets. Charlotte loves more garage and 90’s and then we meet in the middle with old school R&B and hip hop – who doesn’t love a bit of Ja Rule?

How do you combine these to become BitterSweet?

With many arguments behind the decks! Only joking! But we have learnt to tell each other when we think a track isn’t right. Ashley just about keeps her cool when Charlotte plays Return of the Mack without Fetty Wap on it (they re-released it recently with Fetty Wap on – Ashley calls it improvement, Charlotte calls it sabotage!).  

What can people expect from a night with BitterSweet?

You can expect good vibes! We mix up the genres and time periods but really work off a crowd’s reactions so no night is the same. No matter what the genre we make sure they are all tracks that make people excited!

What’s been BitterSweet’s highlight so far?

There’s been so many so it’s hard to pick but we’d have to say supporting Groove Armada.

What are your top 5 tunes to get the dancefloor jumping?

Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful

Snow – Informer

Drake & Nicki Minaj – Truffle Butter


BitterSweet recently DJ’ed at ‘Couchella’, an event hosted by Habitat proving you don’t have to leave the sofa to indulge in those festival vibes. To get the backstage pass to more festival-themed antics, visit our Habitat Couchella page.

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