Make a wreath at Platform with Hole & Corner

The festive season is fast approaching and nothing quite sets the decorating scene like a festive wreath for your front door, and we’ve got just the man to show you how.

We’re very proud to be welcoming Hole & Corner magazine into our King’s Road gallery space, Platform, for a series of magical festive events from 5-7 December. They’re going to turn it into a forest and we can’t wait to see the results.

There will be a wine tasting, a bread masterclass and, most excitingly, a masked feast hosted by The Museum of British Folklore, with drinks by The Herball and delicious food by The Disapearing Dining Club. Find out more here. We’ll be welcoming a few more of the participants to our blog over the next week, so watch this space!

The first event (here’s where the festive wreaths fit ) is an Edible Christmas Wreath Workshop with Florist Willy Vincent (above), on 5 December.

Willy will show the simplicity of creating your own unique door adornment with inspiring results. Using seasonal herbs, entwined with other finery, your wreath can be ‘foraged’ throughout the festive season.

But what are Willy’s own decorating plans at home?

‘I love the idea of using what’s around me; what’s native to the area, but also things that I find over the months leading up to Christmas. I was definitely a magpie in a former life, I’m always looking!

Using what’s around you tends to make the results more original. There are no rules at Christmas – your decs are only around for a couple of weeks, so have lots of fun with them. If you don’t have any holly, use bits of your hedge to make a dramatic foliage display on your mantlepiece. Drag your potted bay tree in and decorate it. Or, like I did last year, use some foraged tree branches or twigs rather than a tree. It looks brilliant decked out in brightly coloured baubles and ribbons.

Anything out of context looks stylish and clever. I’ve used vintage cutlery rather than baubles on a tree, each one tied on with a ribbon, the same goes for mini shot glasses strung up. I used pretty espresso cups on a wreath. Haberdashers are a treasure trove at this time of year for ribbons, buttons and beads. I like using strings of pompoms for garlands.

One year I painted bauble shapes onto about 100 cardboard squares and hung them on the tree.

A top tip for any fellow magpies out there – Claire’s Accessories is brilliant for anything sparkly (earrings and necklaces make for very glamorous decs).’

Photography (portrait): Natasha Bidgood

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