#ourhabitat Instagram competition

We’ve just announced the winners for the #ourHabitat competition, which consisted of people taking photos of  Habitat products in their homes and uploading them to Instagram.

Once all the entries were in, we picked a winner at random.  We also called upon the very talented Interior Design duo- Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead from the 2 Lovely Gays, to see what they thought of the quality of the entries.

1. Tell us a bit about the 2 lovely gays and how your business came to be:

2LG was the postcode when we bought our first home together and all of our friends fondly called us the two lovely gays and it kind of stuck! When naming our business it was the first thing we thought of. Our principle of “Making living lovely” seems to go hand in hand with our name. We have always loved good design and being able to work together as a duo is amazing. We both bring different perspectives to an interior which results in some beautiful designs.

2. Where can we find you on Instagram?


3. Are you big fans of social media?

YES! We love it, it opens up so many doors, it’s a fantastic way of meeting people from all walks of life and the design crown is huge! We are big fans of Instagram and Twitter.

4. Why did you think about the winning photograph selected at random by the Habitat team?


We both loved the winning image! It was so natural and “real”. It felt completely authentic and gave a great fresh summer feel. It married so well with the Habitat ethos, effortlessly cool and timeless with family at its core. When we think of Habitat it reminds us of shopping there with our parents. It was gloriously nostalgic!

5. Do you have a favourite Habitat product?

We find the BOCKSEY range incredibly useful to decorate with. It has huge amounts of storage and is so versatile… we just used 3 long white ones together to make a wall of storage and it looks so chic! Having just visited the press show we are totally in love with Aaron Probyn’s new wall light that will be hitting the shops soon!

6. Jordan and Russell, please summarise what you though of some of the entries:


We’re real dog people, we have a miniature dachshund called Buckley (the wonder dog) and when we saw this it just made us smile from ear to ear. It has such humour, as if the dog is about to start sewing. It reminded us of our best friend who used to dress-up her cats in costumes and headscarves! Also that orange table and industrial lamp are so gorgeous but hugely functional, we are big on function!


We love that this picture has such a great impact, the different perspective is really unique and stood out for is in the competition. It is colourful, bright and almost looks like it could be part of the Habitat campaign!


When we saw this image we just wanted to be there with the girls enjoying an indoor picnic and a glass of wine. It perfectly inhabits the “#ourhabitat” competition with the gorgeous table and mix of ceramics. Ceramics are something Habitat do so well and we loved the 70’s vibe in this image. It could be the filter on the photo but it does feel very retro!

Visit the 2 Lovely Gay’s website and social media on:




email: info@2lovelygays.com

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