POPS: A cool new popsicle venture!

Today we held our annual Spring/Summer 2015 press show and to help celebrate our event, we collaborated with the talented duo James and Harry of POPS to send members of the press a foodie treat that is a brand new concept and one that is proving to be incredibly popular!

James Rae and Harry Clarke have very kindly answered some questions to give you an insight into their newly formed champagne popsicle venture:

Tell us a little bit about yourselves:

POPS is a contemporary brand, our product offering is unique and quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We have created the world’s first Champagne Ice Popsicle.

We began in June 2014 with the objective of combining accessibility and nostalgia surrounding the Popsicle with the luxury and aspirations associated with Champagne. POPS was created to fill, what they saw as, a gap in the market.

With Champagne sales and its consumer changing and constantly becoming more discerning we wanted to create a product which was fun, refreshing and enjoyable whilst ensuring the taste and attributes inherent with Champagne remained present.

We see POPS as the evolution of Champagne cocktails!

Pops Champagne Ice Popsicles

What is the most popular occasion that people want to serve your popsicles at?

POPS are great for a number of occasions. We work with a lot of weddings, birthdays and are catering for a number of Christmas parties.

What has always been your favourite flavour of popsicle? Since you were a kid?

Harry: FAB every time!

James: I always liked Strawberry Mini Milk as a kid.

Your top 5 places to enjoy a foodie treat?

Borough Market and Selfridges foodhall in London. Riche in Stockholm, Entrecote in Paris and Tetou in Antibes.

Pops Champagne Ice Popsicles

Who or what inspires you?

Harry: Living in such an incredible city (London) inspires me. London is a melting pot for innovators, artists and entrepreneurs. I get inspired everyday being in a city with such optimism where new ideas are embraced and being created everyday. 

James: James Dyson, an entrepreneur who re-invented a simple product in a way that influenced generations to come whilst never giving up despite many set backs and negativity. His persistence and innovation is admirable.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are working on our expansion across Europe next summer and two new flavours to add alongside our first product POPS CLASSIC.

Complete the sentence ‘We love Habitat because…’

…it’s great for inspiration and you can always find the perfect gift!

Tell us about your plans for the Habitat Press Show?

We are excited to work with Habitat for the SS15 press show and will be ensuring people get a taste of next summer early. We love working with British brands and we consider Habitat to be of the finest with excellent quality and design elements throughout.

Check out James, Harry and POPS online using the following links!

Website: www.wearepops.com

Twitter: @wepoppops

Facebook: POPS

Instagram: popspoparazzi

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