Space Craft exhibition

Habitat and the Crafts Council are joining forces to create an exhibition exploring the relationship between architecture and making. Platform, at Habitat on the King’s Road is the launch pad for this touring exhibition, entitled Space Craft, which is timed to coincide with the international art fair COLLECT that took place last month at the Saatchi Gallery.

Some of the artists involved include  Adam Nathaniel Furman and Thomas Hillier from FleaFollyArchitects who were kind enough to give us an insight into the inspiration behind their work:

Adam Nathaniel Furman

1. Adam, when were you first introduced to 3D printing?
Having studied architecture, I’ve been familiar with 3d-printing as used in making prototypes for quite some time. I first came across the technique in 2001 at Arup Associates, where they were using a wax prototyper to explore complex geometries which would have otherwise been very expensive to experience in the flesh.

They were extremely generous and allowed some of us students to experiment with the machine and print some of our designs. Sadly I have lost these models, primitive as they were compared to what can now be done.

2. Who or what inspires your work?
I have a two-fold set of opposite inspirations which keep me endlessly flooded with ideas. On the one hand there are a group of architects from the past which I admire and study constantly, architects who reduced their conception of design down to almost algebraic precision, from Alberti to Butterfield, Shaw, Corbusier, Sert, Ungers, to Rossi and Kahn.

I would describe them as scientists of the poetic. On the other hand there is the wild, abundant, colourful and ever changing world of fashion, of media, pop culture, digital art and design, this incredibly superabundant creation that is like our own version of nature and her changeability. It is these two things, studied timelessness and ephemeral whim, coming together at various moments, that keeps me perpetually inspired.

Space Craft Exhibition Memememe Totem by Adam Nathaniel Furman. Photograph by Gareth Gardner

3. Tell me about about your latest work that is featured in Space Craft
Two of the pieces (Kitschpot and MeMeMeMe Totem) are from a collection I showed in the Design Museum as part of my residency there last year.

They combine traditional porcelain production with 3d printing. The process began with 3d-printed plaster positives fabricated in Southwark, a workshop in Kent then took these and cast moulds from them, a ceramicist in Sussex then slip-cast the pieces, and finally they were glazed in Dalston, a proper little South-East English production line.

Space Craft ExhibitionKitcshpot by Adam Nathaniel Furman. Photograph by Gareth Gardner

Thomas Hillier of FleaFollyArchitects

Where did the idea for this installation begin?

The project was born out of our (FleaFollyArchitects) now annual summer workshop we undertake in our atelier in Germany.  Over 5 weeks during the summer of 2012 we organised and ran an intensive architecture workshop with 7 first-year architecture students aged 18-20 from London Metropolitan University where we both teach.

Space Craft ExhibitionGrimm City, 2013, Flea Folly Architects. Photo by Sophie Mutevelian 

How would you describe this project?

As a group of young architects and designers we planned and built ‘Grimm City’: a meticulously hand crafted miniature Cityscape based on the imaginations of the Brothers Grimm.  The Black Forest, a famously enchanted woodland was the perfect setting for this fictional city, a city which brings together and reminds us of the many characters and places we read about as both children and adults.  This city is envisaged as a miniature universe that translates the Grimm characters into an architectonic cityscape, and like a giant piece of furniture was meticulously crafted from only the finest Black Forest timbers.

To co-inside with Grimm City we designed, wrote and self-published our first book entitled Grimm City_An Architectural Fairytale. Our book explores Grimm City through intricate drawings, photographs and text that is written as a fairy tale rather than an architectural treatise with the aim to bring narrative architecture to a wider audience.

Being asked by the Crafts Council to exhibit at Platform was a great honour that we just couldn’t say no to.  We feel very privileged to be exhibiting alongside some amazing work by some amazing artists and designers!

Space Craft Exhibition

Grimm City, 2013, Flea Folly Architects. Photo Sophie Mutevelian

Read more about the exhibition online using these links: Livingetc magazine and Elle Decoration

This exhibition is FREE to attend!

Platform, Habitat, 1st May – 1st June 2014

208 Kings Road, London SW3 5XP

Opening times: Wednesday – Saturday 10am- 6pm and 12-6pm Sunday

*main blog image on front page – photo credit: Sophie Mutevelian

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