Treat your mum

The annual scramble to find a Mother’s Day gift is here…

It’s not that we don’t care enough – we definitely do – it’s just that this particular day seems to creep up every year without warning.  Last minute flowers and chocs, anyone? If you haven’t got it sorted, you’re not alone.

The interesting bit is that, according to statistics, we spend twice as much on our mums as we do on our dads – maybe because it means that much more to her. Or maybe it’s because buying for a particularly stylish mum can be a real joy.

So, let’s think, what would make her face light up this year?


A set of Habitat’s graphic Esmeralda dinnerware (£5-6 each) could do the trick,


or a colourful, silk Monica throw (£80) to curl up with.


If you really want to push the boat out, an Emil birch dressing table (£595) is the kind of luxury that most mums deserve, but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.


Of course it doesn’t take a fortune to show your mother how much you appreciate her. A gorgeous Hettie cushion (£35) for her lower back would be perfect, or even a small Stria vase (£20) for her Mother’s Day blooms.


It’s not too late to order online – but don’t leave it until Saturday!

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