Wire Bird Making Workshop at Platform

There’s something enchanting about bird imagery and artist, Zack Mclaughlin, is taking that one step further with his upcoming workshop where you can craft your very own flighty friend out of wire.

“The wire bird making workshop I have coming up at Platform will be a fun class in which everyone will have made their own little bird sculpture. What I love about each class I run is that everyone’s bird is unique and has it’s own little character. The variety and beauty of all the little birds always brings a huge smile to my face! People always go through many emotions whilst making their own bird but everyone leaves with a sweet little creation that they love and are immensely proud of!”

Zack spent 5 years as a children’s illustrator before launching his business, Paper & Wood, 4 years ago.

“After a few years of illustrating children’s books I was working on writing and illustrating my own children’s book. In it, a little boy is held captive by a monster so he fashions his own escape by making a large bird lantern out of willow sticks and pages from an old book. When illustrating the story I just couldn’t visualise the bird lantern so I went about making a large model of it out of all the materials described in the book. This sparked something. I started making more and more birds out of wire, then sold a few until people started asking how to make them, so I decided to teach it in workshops.”

We can’t help but feel inspired by Zack’s infectious storytelling. If you feel the same, click here to book a place on his workshop.

Zack Mclaughlin's wire bird making workshop

wire bird

Wire Bird Making Workshop

When: Thursday 24 November 7 – 10pm

Where: Platform at Habitat, 208 Kings Road, London SW3 5XP

Tickets: £23 + booking fee (includes all materials and tools needed)

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