Radiator Covers

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Turn your messy-looking radiator into a stylish and functional piece of furniture – just add a radiator cover. Our lovely collection gives you the extra space you need to keep your precious photographs and ornaments whilst keeping you and your family away from accidental burns. We have one for every size, go for a small radiator cover or large radiator cover – the choice is yours. We even have them in different colours. A soothing white radiator cover looks beautiful with warm and minimalistic interiors. And if you’re after a more modern option, our range of grey radiator covers will give you a contemporary vibe.

There’s a whole host of ways to add personality to your living space. Why not start with our range of curtains? From delicate sheer curtains for a soft glow in the room to thick black-out ones to enjoy your afternoon siesta. Choose from funky geometric prints to tropical patterns and traditional checks to minimalistic stripes – we’ve got you covered. You’re in the right place for blinds too.

Our range of coffee tables is just right to pull your room together. Go for timeless glass or a warm wooden coffee table for your traditional interiors. Some storage below is ideal to keep your favourite books and magazines handy. How about a floor lamp? Place it beside your sofa or armchair and create your cosy reading nook.

For finishing touches, complete your room with one of our rugs. Choose from a variety of prints, patterns and colours. We also have them in different weaves so you can select the one that suits your room the most.