Dining tables buying guide

A dining table sees plenty of action, whether it’s dinner with friends, family summits, folding laundry or a cup of tea and the paper. It’s central to a busy home and a big investment too. At Habitat, we have a range of well-made, contemporary tables to suit most budgets. Whether you’re working with a teeny, tiny kitchen or a generously sized dining space, we’ve got just the thing.

From oak to walnut, round to rectangular, folding to extending, our dining table collection is packed full of options for finish, shape and function. Prepare your home for an intimate meal or a group of hungry friends with our helpful dining table buying guide.

Choosing a table

The first thing to consider is how much space you have for your dining table. Measure carefully to ensure that the table and chairs you choose will fit comfortably in the area you have and leave ample space for manoeuvring in and out, particularly if your set up is close to a wall.

Once you’ve carefully measured the space, it’s time to narrow down the options within your budget. Habitat’s dining tables range in price from £50 to £1,700, so there is quite a span to choose from and only you know how much you can afford. One thing we will say, though, is that a dining table is a key investment piece that you’re likely to hold onto for years, so it’s worth spending as much as you can afford.

Next, have a think about which dining chairs you plan to use. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a certain type of chair already, or you’d like to reuse or revamp your existing chairs, which will weigh in on which table you go for. We also offer dining sets where certain, top-selling Habitat tables have been paired with dining chairs or benches that we feel suit them best – but that’s just to make your life a little easier. Really, it’s down to your own preference and budget.

Lastly, do you have children? Pets? An active dinner party schedule? Think about which material works for your lifestyle and what will hold up day in, day out. Glass? Veneer? Wood?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice - so if you’re feeling unsure just pop in-store to see some tables up close or give our customer services team a ring on 0344 499 4686. We can chat over the options with you, or at least help narrow them down.

The best options

Large rooms:

This is an opportunity to choose a statement dining table – and we have some great ones. To keep things flexible, try one of our 4 to 8 seat dining tables that can be extended to fill a space or retracted for smaller groups. Another bonus is that the extension leaves for all of our extending tables are stored right inside the dining table, so they’re super easy and functional. There will be no rifling around in the loft or under the bed to locate the missing piece – hurrah!

For a clean, minimalist effect, opt for a wooden dining table from our award winning Radius collection or our bestselling Talia range. Add mismatched chairs for a statement look or get the set with matching bench or dining chairs.

Small rooms:

A compact room is where folding dining tables and round dining tables come into their own. Folding tables are great for fitting into awkward spaces and can be tucked from view when you need a bit more room. Plus, more people can be squeezed (comfortably!) around a round table, especially if it’s got a central pedestal table like our Lance. Heath and Suki dining tables are great examples as they’re extremely practical, but of course beautifully designed too.

Subtle statement:

Our Asper dining table, available as a 6 or 8-seater, combines sturdiness with a glamorous white, high gloss finish - perfect to set the stage for a medley of knockout tableware. The Dublin dining table is slightly subtler – it uses glass to create light and space in your home. A warm timber frame in a choice of two finishes anchors both options, which have heaps of character without being too flashy. We also have a Yeoman dining table featuring a zinc table top and black metal legs, if you’re looking for a real statement piece, it's right here!

Habitat classic:

The Parker and Radius dining tables are Habitat classics, to name but a few, thanks to their affordability, timeless design and high quality finish. They’re the type of pieces that will serve you well for years to come, both in style and durability. Need chairs as well? No problem, look to our dining table sets and wider chair collection for ideas on which ones to pair with your chosen table. The good thing is that they’re usually delivered within two weeks, so you’ll be dinner-party ready in no time.


Habitat dining tables are designed to last. That means that the materials and techniques we use are tried and tested so that your table will look good and function well for many years.

For that reason, our solid wood dining tables are robust and durable. An advantage of solid wood is that it’s surface ages well and dents and scratches can create an attractive ‘patina’. Solid oak dining tables are great for everyday use and will last a lifetime.

Some of our table range uses wood veneer, which is hardwearing and great for everyday use. They’re also easy to clean and great for extending tables.

Glass is a great way to bounce light around a room – plus it’s super durable too. All of our glass dining tables use tempered glass.


  • Dust regularly with a clean dry cloth
  • Repeat this procedure for periodic cleaning
  • Remove stubborn stains with a weak washing up liquid solution and a damp cloth and dry after with a clean cloth
  • The use of furniture polish or spray is not necessary or recommended
  • Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents
  • Always use placemats and coasters to protect the surface from moisture and heat


Dining chairs:

From bright and colourful to pared-back Skandi, we have a wide range of chairs to complement your dining table. In need of some styling inspiration? Consider choosing a set of dining chairs in various colours for a quirky, mismatched look. Or, keep to one colour but experiment with a contrasting material like metal to avoid a look that is too matchy-matchy. Our website will give you some great ideas, or you’re welcome to pop in store to have a look at our dining displays – they always look fantastic!

Click here to view our range of dining chairs.

Dining benches

An essential for saving space, dining benches work really well tucked under a dining table but don’t forget they’re versatile pieces that can be used in other ways. Benches are at home under a window, or for placing books, plants and accessories on when they’re not being used. Personalise your dining bench with cushions in colour-block or a graphic print – it will make things cosier and add a bit of pizazz too.

Click here to view our range of dining benches.


Plates, cutlery, candles and serving dishes - all these dining essentials need a home. Pop yours into one of our gorgeous storage cabinets or sideboards – either tucked out of sight until next time or on display in one of our glass-fronted units. Some of that serveware is too nice to keep hidden!

We have some sideboards that match our tables or go for a more interesting look by mixing different styles of furniture.

Click here to view our range of dining storage.


So you’ve got the table picked out. Now it’s time to complete the look with well-made, contemporary cutlery and dinnerware. We have a whole host of coordinated sets as well as fine dining cutlery and glassware. There is always new stuff coming into our collection so it’s worth checking back on the website if you fancy a quick update for a special occasion or – just because!

Click here to view our range of dinnerware.

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