The right lighting has the power to lift your interiors and transform the ambience of a room at the flick of a switch. Whether you’re looking for a striking, sculptural design or a classic, refined style, you’ll find a wide range of lamp shades suitable for everything from table lamps and floor lamps to ceiling lights.

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Types of lamp shades

There are 2 main categories of shades:

Lamp shades

Lamp shades can be in drum or tapered shapes. Our drums can be used as a ceiling shade or can be used on a floor or table lamp base. Our tapered shades all come with a reversible gimbal ring so can be used as ceiling shades or on a lamp base.

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Blue lamp shade

Ceiling shades (sometimes referred to as Easy fit / Easy to fit shades)

Our ceiling shades are for use as a pendant solution and can be easily attached to your existing electrical cable.

If you are using an existing fitting such as a bayonet or E14 screw fitting, then all of our shades come supplied with a reducer ring, so that they will fit with any fitting, existing or new.

We also sell a variety of ceiling shade fittings called Pendel – these come as singles or as multiple drop, and one even comes with a plug so you can be as creative as you like and create an amazing cluster pendant if you wish, using multiple lamp shades hung at the same or staggered levels.

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Yellow and orange ceiling shades


Firstly, think of the function and the light output desired. For example, for a floor lamp, you may be looking for an ambient glow to softly illuminate a dark corner, in which case a drum shade would be ideal. Likewise, if you’re selecting a ceiling shade, then consider function first, and then output. For example, if you want to show off a decorative bulb then use an open ceiling shade. If you wanted wow factor for your living room, then look to styles with a luxe metallic interior which look great when seen from below. And if you wanted to create a decorative pattern on your ceiling then a metal wire geometric ceiling shade makes a striking feature. Lastly, don’t forget scale: you may want to make a statement but make sure you measure your space – some floor shades have a large footprint.

paper lamp shades

How do you care for lamp shades?

Dust lightly with a clean, dry cloth – and always turn off the light at the mains first! Specific care instructions can be found on the individual product pages.

What are they made from?

A wide variety of textures and materials. Our lamp shades come in cotton, plastics and real silk. Our ceiling shades are available in a huge variety to suit all tastes – wood, glass, paper and metal, to name but a few.

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