Wardrobes Buying Guide

A lifesaver for those of us that don't have acres of space in a walk-in closet, the trusty wardrobe is a household furniture staple.

Not only does it contain all of our clothes, shoes, treasures and accessories, it adds dimension to your bedroom space and a strong visual feature to express your style.

Sleek and modern? Minimalist oak? Mirror or no mirror? Habitat's range of wardrobes covers an array of shapes and sizes, fixtures and fittings depending on which one strikes your fancy.

Different types

Where do we start? We have it all from two-door, three-door, sliding wardrobes, and mirrored wardrobes. Then, when you factor in the range of finishes available, you can create the perfect bedroom storage for your space.

Not sure if we have the perfect wardrobe for you? Make sure you look at all the options for customising. Our Kripton sliding wardrobes have a choice of chests, hanging rails and open shelving units so that you can tailor your storage to your exact requirements.

Choosing a wardrobe

When choosing the right wardrobe it's important to think about how it will fit in with the rest of the room, and of course, whether it will actually fit!

It's useful to know how many people will be using the wardrobe, and what each individual needs.  Hanging space for suits or dresses? Lots of shelves for shoes? Whatever it is, there is a solution so that everybody is catered for.


It's really important to measure your space before you purchase your wardrobe, so that it's width, height and depth will fit the dimensions of your room.

Ample clearance space around your wardrobe means you'll have room to open the door and move around your storage safely. The diagram below will help you decide how much room you need, plus our website is a great source of information for the dimensions of every wardrobe we offer.


When measuring your space, don't forget to allow for the following clearance: 1cm of width clearance and 4cm of ceiling clearance.


Study the dimensions carefully on our website or from one of our leaflets in-store. Be sure to note down the height of the wardrobe, the internal depth and the external depth, and then measure when you get home. Remember that the internal measurements will indicate how much storage space you actually have, so be sure that these meet your requirements.

If you're ordering a sliding wardrobe, check out our sliding wardrobe guide for a bit more info.


Walnut creates a dark and classic look, adding moody tones to a neutral room.

Oak is a Habitat favourite not only because it’s timeless, but it coordinates with practically everything.

Metal, the classic clothes rail, is just the ticket for a fashionista in a hurry and makes a visual feature of all your favourite things.

Fitting effortlessly into any space, a matt finish doesn’t compete with the rest of your furniture – it just sits there looking good.

Great for checking yourself out and creating the illusion of extra space, mirrored wardrobes add an extra dimension to your room.

White glass, available on our sliding wardrobes, create a bright, Springy look that looks amazing next to wood and metal.

Right for you?

A 2-door wardrobe is ideal for compact spaces and allows a 50:50 approach to storage with shelves and hanging space.

3-door wardrobes work well in bigger spaces and offer more options to customise your storage.

Sliding door wardrobes create a slick, modern look and an opportunity to make a style statement with a glass, mirror or gloss finish – there's a lot to choose from!

The classic clothes rail isn't just for the fashion crowd. Its wheels offer versatility for moving around rooms and spaces as needed. It's also great for showing off your latest purchases.

Large rooms

Our sliding wardrobes are best for large rooms because they can comfortably sit along a wall and tidy away clothes and shoes into one neat space. Mirrored wardrobes will make a big space look even bigger. And as an added bonus, you've removed the need for a full length mirror.

Small rooms

A double wardrobe is the best bed for smaller spaces because they're effective without taking up too much room. In need of even more space? Try under bed storage or a chest of drawers to finish your look.

Statement piece

A hanging rail will allow you to show off your most gorgeous treasures as well as have access to them in a hurry before a night out. When it's time to switch things up, the wheels make it super easy to move around the room as often as you change your outfits.

Habitat classic

Solid oak will always be a firm favourite with Habitat customers because it's timeless and versatile. Choose from a range of 2-door, 3-door and sliding wardrobes so that you nail your look, but have the perfect amount of storage space for your needs.

Bedroom furniture

Bedside tables and chest of drawers

A matching bedside table or chest of drawers is a great option for extra storage. They're useful perches for a statement table lamp and your bedside reading collection.

Dressing tables

Now you've chosen where to store your clothes, don't forget to consider where you'll pull your look together and store makeup, jewellery, perfume and all those other bits and bobs we can't live without. Make final checks in your mirrored wardrobe before you head out on the town!


After all that storage planning, you'll be in need of a nap. We have a whole range of beds (often with under bed storage if you more space is what the doctor ordered). Start here, with Habitat's bedroom buying guide.


Wood finishes can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried thoroughly, while mirrors and white glass should be cleaned with a cool damp cloth. It's best not to use glass cleaner or furniture polish – they're too harsh and can cause damage to the wardrobe's finish.

For specific cleaning instructions, please refer to individual product pages.

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