How to get the artisan look

Tap into this soft, handcrafted trend.

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Living room with grey sofa and rattan armchair and screen.
Bedroom with a rattan bedframe and floor lamp with white and pink bedding.

What is the artisan look?

Characterised by a harmonious palette of earthy hues and natural materials, our artisan edit is designed to create a calming and relaxed interior. The texture is key, adding pattern and depth through tufted textiles and simple, unrefined ceramics whilst lightweight woven rattan is used across pendant lighting and artisanal steam-bent headboards.

In the living room

Rattan armchair in living room.

Relax, rattan, repeat

We can't get enough of rattan furniture right now. As rattan is highly pliable we're able to achieve the most interesting and original shapes. This rattan bookcase pairs perfectly with a berber rug.

Home office with oak desk, black rattan chair and rattan screen room divider.

Screen time

Screen dividers provide a simple, flexible solution for zoning home spaces. Ideal for working from home, a woven or rattan screen provides a stylish backdrop for video calls and still allows light to flow around the room, while also minimising noise levels.

Oak sideboard with rattan lamp with white shade and a black rattan chair.

It's only natural

Did we mention that we're really into rattan? Big in the sixties and seventies, this natural, highly versatile material is weaving its way back into people’s homes. It's a great way to add texture and warmth into space, without the heaviness of wood.

In the dining room

Pair of rattan ceiling shades with a pink panelled wall background.

Natural lighting

Our natural lighting designs are stealing the spotlight this season. You can count on our bamboo and rattan lampshades and floor lamps to instantly brighten a space.

Glass dining table with rattan dining chairs.

Material world

Rattan dining furniture? Yes, please. Our Mickey rattan dining chair combines classic and contemporary materials and techniques in its comfortable woven seat. Finished with powder-coated metal legs for a cool mid-century twist.

A glass dining table with striped and speckled tableware on top.

Go organic

Our artisan tableware offers a sense of connection to the natural world. Look out for organic shapes, rustic finishes, and earthy pigments such as warm terracotta. Sure to be the talk of the table.

In the bedroom

Bedroom with rattan bed frame, rattan floor lamp and white and pink bedding.

Natural sleep

The durability of rattan allows us to create unusual and exciting designs for the home such as this Asri headboard. Easily sliding behind an existing bed it will transform a bedroom instantly. Not to mention the fact that introducing natural materials such as rattan, bamboos, and natural jutes into a room can help create a more relaxed, calming space, so you won’t have any problems catching some ZZZs.

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