Cushions can give an instant update to your home by creating a statement and injecting colour. They are one of the key items that make your house feel homely. After all who doesn’t like to snuggle up on the sofa after a long, hard day?

What to consider

Cushion add colour pattern and texture to any room and can create a more comfortable and welcoming environment. Think about what kind of look you’re hoping to create: choose bold and graphic to make a statement or soft and neutral for a more calming effect. Thinking about your existing furniture and the room’s colour scheme when selecting a cushions to compliment your room.

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Different types and materials

Our cushions vary in size and material, so there really is something for everyone.

Size-wise, Habitat’s range goes from 40x40cm up to 60x60cm as well as rectangular shapes that work fantastically as bolsters on a sofa.

They are made from materials such as cotton, wool, linen, and can be knitted, embroidered, appliqued and printed. The techniques are endless.

Our range also varies in price point from something like Topsy at £12 that offers Habitat’s exclusive colour and design, to something more luxurious like Bojagi at £60, made from 100% linen with fine hand work detail.

Our cushions all come with a pad included. The more luxurious pieces are filled with feather to give a soft and long lasting feel. Others have a supportive polyester pad that can be easily laundered.

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Choosing a cushion

Think about colour and whether the cushion is to make a statement or more for comfort. A striking look can be to mix and match a plain coloured cushion with patterned, decorated design. A favourite combination is to pair Regency or Nixon with a more colourful piece such as Agnes or Trillo.

In the bedroom you may want something softer in colour or more decorative depending on the bedding and accessories you are working with.
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Caring for your cushions

Due to the hand work on some of the designs, most pieces need to be spot cleaned or dry cleaned, however a number are 100% cotton so can be machine washed - great for kid’s bedrooms or family rooms.

Towel rails and toilet roll holders

Complimenting your cushions

We build colour stories and groupings across all our soft furnishings and other home accessories so you can mix and match throughout the range. There may be a colour or pattern used on cushion as well as a throw, a rug and also a vase. The colour palette is designed so different ranges can work together and allow you to be as playful and creative as you like, whether working with a monochrome look, or something very bright and bold.

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