Whether it’s dinner with friends, family gatherings or enjoying a cup of tea whilst reading the paper, a dining table is central to a busy home and a big investment piece. At Habitat, we sell a range of well-made, contemporary tables to suit most budgets. Whether you’re working with a tiny kitchen or a generously sized dining space, we’ve got just the thing. From oak to walnut, round to rectangular, folding to extending, prepare your home for an intimate meal or a group of hungry friends with our helpful dining tables buying guide.

Choosing a dining table


What are the different materials available?

Habitat dining tables are designed to last. The material and techniques we use are tried and tested so your table will look good and function well for many years.


Available in oak, ash, beech, walnut and pine, our wooden dining tables age well over time. Each piece has its own unique characteristics in colour, grain and durability. All our wood tables are robust and durable and are great for everyday use.


Sleek, modern or industrial, metal dining tables can add a glamourous touch to your space. They also have an added bonus of being easy to care for and clean.


A popular choice, glass tables will give a contemporary touch to your space. They also help to create a feeling of light and space to your room. All of our glass tables use tempered glass for durability.


  • Dust regularly with a clean dry cloth
  • Repeat this procedure for periodic cleaning
  • Remove stubborn stains with a weak washing up liquid solution and a damp cloth and dry after with a clean cloth
  • The use of furniture polish or spray is not necessary or recommended
  • Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents
  • Always use placemats and coasters to protect the surface from moisture and heat

Dining room furniture