Floor lamps buying guide

Floor lamps are functional but they also draw the eye – an obvious way to make a design statement in your space. Looming over an armchair or sofa, or standing solo in a corner, floor lamps are the unsung heroes of lighting. Sure, they may not be as dramatic as a giant ceiling pendant but they can be just as gorgeous, and often they are the thing quietly adding warmth and depth to your space.

Browse through our buying guide to work out which one should come home with you.

Making the right choice

Stately and silent in the corner of a room, floor lamps are quite flexible and can blend in or stand out depending on what’s required, and which style you choose.

Our wooden and metal floor lamps allow you to spread ambient light across your room or, in many cases, redirect it to a specific position – such as, say, you lounging on the sofa with your favourite novel.

And to make things easy, we also sell light bulbs and shades so that you can enjoy your new light from day one.

Different types

Metal floor lamps

Whether bright or bold or industrial and modern, we have a range of metal floor lamps to suit all ages and styles. Angle the light to just where you need it for reading or to create spot lights.

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Wooden floor lamps

Whether you’re after a tripod floor lamp, a simple neutral shade or a unique modern floor lamp fixture integrated into a side table, we have just the thing.

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Choosing a floor lamp

First, hone in on which materials you’d like your light to be made of. Do you prefer the classic yet clean look of timber, or the industrial sleek profile of metal? Perhaps the way forward is a bright colour to brighten up your room?

Next, figure out if your chosen fixture needs a lampshade – there are so many to choose from at Habitat. Most importantly, however, make sure to order a few light bulbs so you can enjoy your new light as soon as it arrives.

Still not sure which of our Habitat lighting range will tick all of the boxes? Feel free to pop in store and ask our friendly staff or tweet @HabitatHelp and our customer service team will answer your queries.


All our floor lamps can be wiped clean and dusted with a dry cloth, but please refer to product instructions for specific care requirements.

Complementary furniture and accessories

A statement light needs a statement sofa. We have an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colours to ensure your sofa and floor lamp are perfectly aligned.

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Of course, floor lamps are made for reading so a bookcase or coffee table for your mug of tea are excellent companions to a floor lamp.

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On a budget? Refresh your room with a grouping of new cushions or a cosy rug to keep your toes warm.

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