Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Style isn’t strictly an indoor affair, but occasionally people forget the potential of their gardens as sanctuaries for entertaining and relaxing. Being outside with friends or even on your own for a cup of morning coffee is good for the soul - fact! Fresh air, sunshine and well-crafted design are a superb combination, we say. Enhance your green space – whatever the size – with furniture that makes you want to linger longer, whether it be sitting at an oak table and chairs or on a casual deck lounger whiling away the hours with a book.

Let’s get excited about planning your outdoor retreat. If you still feel unsure after reading our Outdoor Furniture buying guide, just pop in-store for a chat through your ideas. You’re only a few small decisions away from the great outdoors…

What do I need to think about when purchasing outdoor furniture?

For a start, figure out how you’d ideally like to use your outdoor space. Do you plan to have larger groups of guests over for outdoor dinner parties or will the garden be a private space for your family, or a bit of both?

Is part of the garden covered with a pergola or is it all in the wide open, as this could influence the type of finish you choose for tables and chairs. What proportion of the outdoor space will have furniture in it – how much actual space do you have to play with? Finally, are you looking for furniture made of subtle, natural materials like timber or rattan or do you prefer bold colour, metal and contrasting patterns?

Everyone needs a little inspiration; have a flick through your favourite interiors magazines or do a bit of Pinterest research to find examples of your ideal look.


  • Table and chairs sets: Will they be for big or small groups? What material would work best? Do you need the chairs or table (or both) to fold away when not in use or is there a dedicated spot in the garden for them? Matching or pick and mix?
  • Deckchairs and loungers: How many do you need? Would the canvas sling be patterned or a block of colour?
  • Chaise longues and benches: Metal, rattan or fibrestone? Romantic shape or sharp and sleek silhouette?
  • Stools: A flexible inside/outside seating option like the durable plastic TamTam or concrete Milton, perhaps?

Make a statement or blend in?

Some people feel inspired by bold colours and shapes in the garden while others prefer a more subtle outdoor set up that blends into the background. Which camp do you fall in?

Rattan: Make a big statement with one of our rattan loungers – part seating, part sculpture.

Modern: Think clean lines and a cool palette for this contemporary look.

Classic: Folding tables and chairs in muted hues are the name of the game.

Graphic: Bold, colourful or monochrome patterns can be the starting point of this dramatic look. Start with a statement print and work your way to a complete look.

How do I keep my furniture looking pristine?

So many of our pieces work just as well indoors as outdoors, but remember that some may not like the rain!

Wooden furniture:

Director chairs, deckchairs and loungers should be brought inside when not in use. In case of spillages they can be wiped with a damp cloth or the slings removed and dry cleaned.

Our oak furniture is oiled to prolong its life and protect it from both human and natural elements. It’s a really good idea to clean it with a damp cloth and re-oil every year to maintain a rich, deep colour.

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Metal furniture:

Avoid abrasive cleaners on metal furniture. Remove stubborn stains with weak washing up solution and a damp cloth, and then wipe dry with a clean dry duster. It doesn’t hurt to dust regularly with a clean dry cloth, either.

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Concrete furniture:

Regular dusting with a dry cloth will keep your product clean, and a damp cloth and washing up liquid will help remove stains. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals – you’ll regret it.

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Rattan furniture:

Regular dusting with a dry cloth will keep your product clean, and a damp cloth and washing up liquid will help remove stains. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals – you’ll regret it.

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Outdoor furniture checklist

  • Measure the space and your furniture to make sure it is going to fit. Don’t forget flowerbeds and new pots and plants!
  • Do you need extra cushions, throws or seating for guests?
  • Which dinnerware, candles and accessories will you use?
  • Order online at or call 0344 499 4686
  • Arrange for old furniture to be sold/given away to clear space
  • Have a snooze in the garden and await your delivery!

Stuck for inspiration for your outdoor accessories?

We can help. Have a read of our outdoor accessories and outdoor dining buying guides for ideas and tips on how to be summer party –ready!

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