Sliding wardrobes buying guide

Want everything where you can find it? All to hand? Easy to spot? Then welcome to the guide that compartmentalises everything you need to know about Habitat's range of sliding wardrobes.

We know that wardrobes are designed for tidiness, but that in the real world they too often keep clutter tucked behind closed doors. Habitat sliding storage solutions and their accessories are developed and designed around combinations that'll make dividing and conquering your clothing easy - so there'll no longer be any need to fear the mess monster in the wardrobe.

Step into the Habitat Sliding Wardrobe Buying Guide and (slide!) open the door that'll bring a tidier you out of the closet.

Space required

It entirely depends on the size of the wardrobe you're looking at (see the question 'How do I create my sliding wardrobe?' below), but it's up to you to measure your space before you order and have your wardrobe fitted. Here's some guidance so you can get it right.

Within you're room you'll need to consider:


When measuring your space, best allow for the following clearance: 1cm width clearance, 4cm ceiling clearance.


We've gone the extra mile to be a little more generous with our sliding wardrobes' dimensions, so it really is storage to fit all.

Be sure to make a note that the height of our wardrobes is 223cm or 240cm (depending on what you go for), and that while the internal depth is 58cm, the external depth is 69cm.

To be reminded of the dimension options for Habitat sliding wardrobes, see below under the question 'How do I create my sliding wardrobe?'.

To make sure you're ordering a big enough wardrobe for your clothes and accessories, please consider the internal width of every section in each wardrobe size.

We've put together the below guide to help.

Dimensions guide

Creating your wardrobe

There are three key things to think about:

Dimensions (Again)

First things first, let's be practical and talk dimensions, because what you choose to create depends entirely on the space you have available and on the size options we offer. We recommended looking carefully through the below and measuring twice before mapping out your wardrobe.

  • Widths available for 2 doors: 160cm or 200cm
  • Widths available for 3 doors: 240cm or 300cm
  • Heights available: 223cm or 240cm
  • Depths available: external 69cm Internal 58cm

Colour + Trims

Our door styles include matt white, mirrored, white glass or a mirror and glass combination.

All our wardrobes have white trims, apart from the mirrored variety, which have matt aluminium trims. We've chosen these finishing touches towards creating wardrobes that look pure and contemporary. Across the board the interior is a light birch, which is clean and neutral.


Now the fun part: accessories. Add-ons include chests of drawers, rails and additional shelves. The below chart includes all the options. See the question below for more on our drawer units.

Wardrobe shelf dimensions
Single Shelf Birch

Width: 77cm - Suitable for 160cm / 1240cm wardrobes

Width: 97cm - Suitable for 200cm / 300cm wardrobes

3 pack Shelves Birch

Width: 77cm - Suitable for 160cm / 1240cm wardrobes

Width: 97cm - Suitable for 200cm / 300cm wardrobes

Hanging Rail Chrome

Width: 77cm - Suitable for 160cm / 1240cm wardrobes

Width: 97cm - Suitable for 200cm / 300cm wardrobes

Shelving Unit Birch

Width: 77cm - Suitable for 160cm / 1240cm wardrobes

Width: 97cm - Suitable for 200cm / 300cm wardrobes

Which drawers fit which wardrobes?

On the 2 and 4 drawer cabinets, the 77cm-width drawers can only be ordered for 160cm and 240cm wardrobes.

he 97cm-width drawers can only be ordered for the 200cm and 300cm wardrobes. We also do a 38cm-width 3-drawer unit if you'd prefer extra hanging space. This drawer can be used in all of our wardrobes.

Here's a price and size diagram guide to help you choose:

Drawers available dimensions
2 Drawers

W97cm H46cm Suitable for 200cm/ 300cm wardrobes - £295

W97cm H46cm Suitable for 200cm/ 300cm wardrobes - £350

3 Drawers

W38cm H63cm Suitable for all wardrobes - £295

4 Drawers

W77cm H46cm Suitable for 160cm/ 240cm wardrobes - £495

W97cm H87cm Suitable for 200cm / 300cm wardrobes - £550

Can I add accessories to my wardrobe after purchasing it?

Yes that's no problem. Just add further accessories to your order online or in store and as long as the wardrobe hasn't left the manufacturers, additions will be delivered at the same time. If not they'll be delivered and installed separately by Nolte at no extra charge.

What's the basic spec of the wardrobes?

  • Each wardrobe is made from high-density chipboard, which has FSC and PEFC seals of approval.
  • The mirror is lead-free.
  • Our shelves are 22mm thick, and can hold up to 80kg/m of weight.
  • The hanging rail can hold up to 60kg/m

What's the basic spec of the wardrobes?

No, these are freestanding pieces to be assembled - rather than fitted - in your room.

Why choose sliding doors?

If you're short on space, sliding doors are the perfect solution as you don't need to measure for space for the doors to open into. They also provide a clear view of all your clothes.

Does my wardrobe include a soft-close mechanism?

Yes, the soft-closing device catches the running doors so they don't bang - instead they glide to the final closed position slowly, silently and smoothly.

How long does it take to install the wardrobes?

Installation is quick, easy and hassle-free - it'll take 1 to 2 hours to fit, depending on the size and design of the wardrobe. We'll do it for you, too.


The most important thing we need from you is your eye and your knowledge of your home. Think about whether any narrow or spiral staircases or low ceilings will prevent us access for the larger pieces of your wardrobe, i.e. the wide sliding doors.

The floor needs to be as flat as possible before we arrive to fit the wardrobe.

Please remove any items such as wall mirrors, pictures or lampshades that protrude or could hinder access within your home. It's also worth protecting your floor and carpets as we can't accept responsibility for any damage caused to your space or possessions during delivery.

It's best to keep young children away from the working area. And please note that for health and safety reasons, our installers can only deliver via normal doorways and stairways, and can't remove their shoes.

Any removal or re-siting of radiators, light switches or power points should really be done before we deliver. All existing furniture also needs to be removed before we arrive, so that there's a clear space for us to install.

The overriding message is: the clearer space, the quicker your installation will be.


Once your furniture's been put together, it shouldn't be moved or dismantled.

Cleaning it is easy - just wipe everything, including mirrors, with a slightly damp cool cloth. Household cleaners and polishes, including those for mirrors, shouldn't be used as they can sometimes cause damage to your furniture.

Surfaces should be protected from spillages of drinks, cosmetics or cleaners. We recommend glass cut to size if a risk like this is likely to occur.

If you want to plaster the wardrobe into your space, we recommend you fill and use it for 2 or 3 weeks first to allow it to settle.


How much do Habitat sliding wardrobes generally cost?

Between £950 and £2,100, depending on your configuration and finish. Internal organisers and accessories will be extra.

Do I have to pay for delivery and installation?

No, both are included in the price of your wardrobe.

How long will it take to receive my wardrobe?

Usually a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, but we'll work around your needs as far as possible.

What if I change my mind about my wardrobe?

You have up to 14 days from the date you purchase it to amend or cancel your wardrobe order. After this date it's unfortunately non-refundable.

What happens is there's a problem with my wardrobe?

As we make our sliding wardrobes to order, we give customers 14 days from the date they're received them to return them if, for any reason, they're unhappy. We'll arrange for one of our team to come and collect your wardrobe and if it's in good condition, will give you a full refund.

What if something's missing or broken?

It's unlikely this'll happen, but if it does we'll get in touch to let you know, and will order the part right away. If it's you who's discovered something's awry, just let us know and we'll arrange the replacement. In the case of a small item like a shelf peg or hanging rail bracket, a replacement is sent out by post direct to you within 7 to 10 working days.

If the issue is with something larger like a door, it'll unfortunately take 4 to 5 working weeks to get the replacement to you as it'll be put through production. Installation will be agreed with you, at a time that suits you.

Do I need to dispose of the packaging?

No, our fitters take it away for you.

Do the wardrobes come with a guarantee?

Yes there's a 10 year guarantee on all wardrobes. This doesn't include normal wear and tear.

What if my floor isn't even?

The floor needs to be as flat as possible before we arrive to fit the wardrobe. If there's still a slight unevenness to it, we'll use hardboard packing wedges to make it fit, but we're leaving it to you to make sure the floor's surface is as workable as possible.

If I order, who'll be contacting me throughout the process?

Our chosen partner is Nolte Mobel, who've been making wardrobes for over 30 years. They'll contact you on behalf of Habitat to confirm your order over the phone, by email or by post. You'll then be contacted by one of our 3 distributors - which one depends on your location. They'll be delivering and assembling your product for you.

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