Adorn your bed with cosy decoration. As an extra layer to cover you whilst watching telly or on chilly nights, or a little something special to add a level of texture and colour, a throw can transform a space.

Different types

Throws can come in many colours, styles, materials and textures.
The usual size is approximately 150x170cm, however we also do a few that come up a little larger to work better on beds and large sofas.


Fabric options

The materials used really varies, and it will depend what look and feel we want to achieve, as well as the time of year. From simple woven cotton, to rich mohair, to extra fine merino wool and everything in between! Sometimes we use blends of yarns to achieve a particular handle or level of luxury, and we do like our throws to be super soft to the touch so that's one of the key factors.

Different types

Choosing a throw

It will really depend on the colour scheme you are working to, whether you are choosing something mainly to dress a look, or whether you want something really cosy to use on the sofa or as a layer on the bed in the colder months. It may also depend on price point, we offer a fantastic range starting at £35 for a woven cotton up to £150 for a beautiful cashmere blend, a real piece of luxury. Think about all these factors and get ready to browse. It's worth popping into store, if you can, for the full touchy feely experience.


Caring for your throw

Care instructions will depend on the material and the technique used to make the throw. Please refer to specific details quoted on the care label, or refer to our website.

Accessorising your throw

Throws can be used to build and enhance an existing colour scheme whether paint on the walls, a much-loved piece of furniture, or to compliment a rug and cushion.

In the bedroom a throw may be used to add colour and interest to a more neutral palate or to emphasise a highlight colour. Think about buying your bedlinen and throw at the same time with one set to compliment the colours of your throw and another to juxtapose it for a bit more fun.
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