Conservatory furniture ideas

Create a little haven away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

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Image of a bamboo dining set in conservatory setting.

Enjoy the outdoors lifestyle from indoors

Image of a conservatory with grey corner sofa, grey rug and bamboo chair.
Wooden bamboo chair with black legs and seat cushions.
Large and small grey tables with splayed legs.

Relax, dine and chill out

Acting as the gateway to your back garden, this indoor-outdoor space presents the perfect opportunity to get creative with your furniture and accessory picks.

Image of a black swivel chair with grey cushion in a conservatory.

Window seats available

Set up your own private chill-out zone. Add boho style cushions and textured throws to a cushy sofa or chair, then introduce a side table for perching drinks and nibbles. Now you can unwind, relax and take in the glorious garden views.

Close up of glass tumblers and wine glasses on a dining table.

Next best thing to alfresco

Conservatories are wonderfully social spaces, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Use a dining table to carve out an eating area where you can all gather together. Make it look inviting with colourful crockery, sparkling glassware and tapas-style tableware.

Image of a wooden sideboard with a variety of green plants on top.

Functional furnishings

If you’re looking to make your conservatory a more functional space, skip the standard rattan fare in favour of furnishings more commonly found in the living room, such as a bookcase or a desk. A sideboard that offers concealed storage also goes well in this space.

Image of a bamboo chair with cushions surrounded by string lights.

Snuggle under the stars

When the sun goes down, a conservatory becomes the go-to place to enjoy a romantic meal or relax with an evening drink. Set the mood with a trendy table lamp or floor lamp. You may also wish to add some twinkly string lights for ambience.

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Take it outside

Image of bamboo bistro set on a patterned rug.

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Image of a bamboo dining set on patio.

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Close up grey table with a selection of refreshments on top.

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