Habitat Presents: The Sleepover Create your dream bedroom

A little consideration goes a long way when designing the perfect space to rest, rejuvenate and revive tired minds and bodies.


bed is the focal point of any bedroom and a good basis with which to start building your sleep retreat. The material of the bed can help determine the look you want to achieve: wood provides warmth and an understated simplicity; a protective, cocoon-like ambience can be achieved with upholstered frames and metal makes a streamlined, modernist statement. What type of duvet and pillows you choose is all down to personal preference but a trip to our dedicated buying guide will sort the feathers from the microfibre.

Grey bed with orange throw
Grey and pink bed linen


Bed linen can cement the overall style of a room (and change it at the flick of a duvet). Crisp, Egyptian cotton is the master of boutique hotel style. Washed cotton gives an effortless, ‘undone’ elegance (and saves on the ironing). Pattern and colour can turn your bed into a work of art. Accentuate key tones with throws, cushion and rugs. This brings a uniformity to the bedroom where the focus is to relax.

White Bedlinen


Concentrate on trying to make your bedroom as clutter-free as possible. We love bedside tables, especially those with drawers to tuck away life’s tidbits. One either side of a double bed, topped with matching bedside lamps, is the key to slick symmetry. As well as a place to rest your bones, a bedroom often has to work as a dressing room so ensuring you have enough practical wardrobe space means the rush for work is minimised. If space allows, the dressing table is making come back, but a well-proportioned chest of drawers will do the job just as well. Mount a mirror to the wall, leaving the top clear for a cluster of well-chosen storage boxes (great for cosmetics, toiletries and jewellery and to ease the burden of dusting).

Wooden bedroom furniture