9 quick and easy updates for your home

Our minimum effort, maximum style tips.

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Console table with green bases and leaf prints above it.

Been putting off updating that room? Well, now is the time to get to it. These speedy and simple wins are sure to give you (and your home) that instant feel-good factor.

Yellow mid-century style armchair.

Take a seat

The ultimate plus one in any room, discover the soon-to-be best seat in your house. From look-at-me velvet styles to cosy lounge-worthy designs, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.

Monochrome bedding and cushions with cross pattern and leopard.

Pile up, settle in

Create yourself a cosy cocoon perfect for unwinding with our so-soft throws, comfy cushions and stylish bedding. Glass of wine optional.

A dining table decorated with green vases and foliage.

Don't forget the details

You know what they say – the best things come in small packages. And it’s certainly true of our vases and ornaments. Small but mighty, these pieces are sure to put a smile on your face. Go on, you deserve it.

A pink room with brass lighting designs.

Light up your life

Look on the bright side with our mood-boosting lighting. Whether it’s a contemporary ceiling pendant, an ambient lamp, or even just a look-at-me lamp shade, our collection is guaranteed to de-light.

Green living room wall with leaf print and vases.

Create a wall that wows

Gallery walls are a great interior styling trick to bring major focus and wow factor to a room. Fill high-quality frames with eye-catching wall art and all those photographs you’ve been meaning to print.

A collection of laundry baskets.

Conquer the clutter

Unleash your inner neat freak and tackle those messy areas you can’t bear to face. Look to baskets, trunks and other storage solutions to stylishly streamline your stuff. Satisfaction guaranteed.

A mid-century style yellow planter with faux plant.

Leaf it out

We know outdoor space can be hard to come by, so bring some greenery indoors with our collection of pots, planters and faux plants. The best news? You can’t accidentally kill them!

Mantlepiece with window pane mirror and plants.

If in doubt, add a mirror

A mirror (or two) can transform any room in an instant, adding style as well as making the room feel bigger and more airy. What's not to love?

Living room with grey quilted sofa and yellow and pink patterned rug.

Take to the floor

 Update your living room, bedroom, or hallway in seconds with one of our stylish rugs. Whether you prefer patterned or plain, colourful or neutral, your home (and your feet) will thank you.

More easy update ideas for your home

Blue and brass dressing table.

Dressing room ideas

Try these ideas on for size. Go on, give us a twirl.

Wooden bed with green leafy bedding.

Bedding ideas

Our bedding will help you doze off in no time.

Grow watering can with indoor plants.

Plant up your pad

Bring some greenery indoors with our pots, planters and faux plants.

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