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Night out without leaving the house? We'll drink to that!

Image of three pale pink, velvet chairs around a round, white table with cocktail glasses on top.

Pitcher perfect bars

Image of a round, chrome drinks trolley with glasses and a cocktail shaker on top.

Drinks trolley

A trolley for your tipples, how very retro! These have made a big come back recently and we hope they’re here to stay. Use as a permanent display for your boozy bottles and drinkware, or wheel it out when things are feeling merry and roll it away when you’ve had your fill.

Image of wooden sideboard with a built-in wine rack.

Sideboards & display cabinets

Dedicate a space for fancy glassware and boozy beverages. Keep ‘the good stuff’ and decorative bottles on display and tuck other less pretty stuff - like napkins and board games – out of sight. Display cabinets are great at showing off your special barware while keeping them behind closed doors.

Pull up a pew

Image of a navy, velvet cocktail chair next to a gold metal side table.

Bar stools & cocktail chairs

Did someone order a round of comfort? Whether you’re creating a speakeasy snug, countertop cocktail bar, laid back liquor lounge, or a man cave conversion, recline into our bar seating range. Sink, glass in hand, into a squishy cocktail chair or perch upon a padded bar stool moulded to cater to your comfort.

Clink, clink!

Image of a gin goblet with a pale pink cocktail in it.


Indulge your inner mixologist with some tasty glassware. Sip something tutti frutti from a tumbler, gossip over gin goblets or say cheers with fancy champagne flutes.

Garnish with...

Mood lighting menu

Image of a chrome table lamp with a grey feather shade on a side table next to a black chair.

Add to the atmosphere with ‘let-your-hair-down’ lighting. We’re talking dimly-lit pendants, tinted shades and accent lights. You’re aiming for a glow that relaxes - don’t kill the laidback vibe with vibrant and energetic options.

Take the party outside

Image of a grey drinks trolley on a patio.

Outdoor bar

On the rare occasion the British weather behaves, set up your own beer garden, create a courtyard cocktail bar, or transform your patio into a gin parlour. Cheers to that great idea!

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