How to accessorise with throws and cushions

Sofas and beds looking a little bare? Warm them up with our favourite cushions and throws.

Habitat retro geo printed cushion cover.

How to choose a new throw

A throw is a must-have accessory in the winter. Not only can it help you hibernate in a cosy cocoon, but it can also complement the décor of your room.

Habitat Chenille throw in gold colour.

Style choices

Throw sizes - When it comes to cosiness, bigger is always better, right? Our largest throws are 150 x 170cm, offering enough cover to share... If you're feeling generous that is.

The next size down is 125 x 170cm and the smallest is 125 x 150cm - still big enough for cosying up in the colder months.

Throw colours and design - Our throws come in more than just plain colours - so you've got plenty to choose from if you're looking for something that is the yin to your home's yang. Browse the range to find the one that would look best in your home.

Our favourite throws

Caring for your throw

You can find instructions for how to care for your new throw on the label. Read the information carefully before washing.

How to choose new cushions

Adding cushions is one of the easiest ways to transform a sofa or bed. Whether it’s to complement your existing style, add a pop of colour, or just get uber-comfy, cushions are a great addition to any living space.

A navy blue sofa with cream and orange accent cushions.

Style choices

Cushion sizes - There are a few different sizes of cushion to choose from. Our biggest cushions are 58 x 58cm and the smallest are 43 x 43cm, with a few other options in the middle. You can also find rectangular cushions which are a good fit for beds and armchairs.

Cushion colours and designs - From plain to patterned, there are lots of different cushions to choose from. Go bold with colours and prints to make a style statement, or choose something that seamlessly blends with your existing decor.

Look out for different finishes which add a touch of luxury. Some feature raised tufts of fabric, while others have little tassels in the corner.

Our favourite cushions

Caring for your cushions

You can find instructions for how to care for your new cushions on the label. Read the information carefully before washing.

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