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Image of bedding with a green leaf pattern.

There’s nothing better than fresh sheets, right? Crawling into crisp cotton, snoozing under snuggly fleece or wrapping up in a super king when your bed’s only a double (you were thinking about it, admit it!). Made of top-notch materials, our bedding will make you doze off in no t…zzzzz.

How big is your bed?

All our sheets and bedding sets meet the UK standard. Make sure you check individual products for sizing details.

Image of a super king size bed with grey, orange and yellow bedding.

Super king

Plenty to cocoon yourself in.

  • Duvet cover: 260 x 220cm
  • Fitted sheet: 180 x 200cm
  • Flat sheet: 310 x 275cm
  • Mattress: 180 x 200cm
Image of a king size bed with a black, red and purple patterned duvet.


No duvet-stealing necessary.

  • Duvet cover: 230 x 220cm
  • Fitted sheet: 150 x 200cm
  • Flat sheet: 275 x 275cm
  • Mattress: 150 x 200cm
Image of a double bed with blue and turquoise, peacock design bedding.


Ideal for both duo and solo sleeping.

  • Duvet cover: 200 x 200cm
  • Fitted sheet: 135 x 190cm
  • Flat sheet: 230 x 260cm
  • Mattress: 135 x 200cm
Image of a single bed with white and grey striped bedding.


Big enough for one - perfect!

  • Duvet cover: 135 x 200cm
  • Fitted sheet: 90 x 190cm
  • Flat sheet: 180 x 260cm
  • Mattress: 90 x 190cm
Image of a toddler size bed with an ocean theme bedding.


Suitably sized for your little dreamer.

  • Duvet cover: 120 x 150cm
  • Fitted sheet: 70 x 140cm
  • Flat sheet: N/A
  • Mattress: 75 x 175cm

Which fabric do you fancy?

Light and airy or plush and snuggly, the material really makes a difference.

Image of grey and salmon coloured cotton bedding.

Cotton & brushed cotton bedding

Our cotton sheets are made from 100% cotton or cotton mixes – that’s why they feel so soft. Cosy in winter, cool in summer, they’re an allrounder. Whereas brushed cotton retains heat a bit more and feels super comfy during colder months.

Image of navy linen bedding.

Linen bedding

Feel cool, calm and ready to doze off in light and luxurious linen bedding. Not only is this fabric a dreamy choice if you get hot in bed, but it doesn't take long to dry either. Yippee!

Image of blush pink velvet bedding.

Velvet bedding

Could it get any more luxurious? You’re going to want your bed dressed in this fancy fabric when the temperature drops. Feeling slightly heavier than other fabrics, a sound sleep is definitely on the cards.

Image of salmon pink and black polka dot bedding.

What is thread count?

Thread count is how many horizontal and vertical threads there are per inch of fabric. Usually, the higher the thread count, the thicker it is, which can feel a bit more 5-star. But lower thread count doesn’t mean lower quality – you may opt for a lower thread count if it’s summer or you get hot at night. At Habitat, our bed linens have a variety of thread counts depending on the look, feel and price of the fabric we’ve created.

Colours & patterns for the picking

Calming palettes, bold prints and dreamy hues of green and blue. Our designs are worth snoozing the alarm for.

More snuggly essentials

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