An indoor plant in a wooden and yellow ceramic tripod planter beside a yellow sofa.

Make your home a greenhouse

Plants are one of the cheapest and easiest ways of changing the vibe of a room and making it feel more relaxed and more like a ‘lived in’ home. Foliage immediately ‘softens’ a space, the organic shapes of leaves breaking up strong lines of furniture and clinical room layouts. You’ll be surprised how much difference one plant can make.

Some of our faves

Pots and plants stacked on a stand in a room.

Stack and stagger

Add more green goodness to your place by stacking your plants. Pick different shapes, sizes and colours to give your little nook a stylish edge. Get multi-layered planters or use your coffee table books to elevate the plants.

Different indoor plants on a mantel.

Style your fireplace

When it comes greenery, you can never have too much. Dress up your mantel with a cocktail of plants. If you don't use the hearth, then pop some more plants. You'll have a brand new indoor garden with zero maintenance. Ta-Dah!

A trailing plant in a black hanging planter beside a wooden ladder shelf.

Let your plants hang out

If you haven’t got space to spread outwards, head upwards! You can create dramatic installations of house plants that give a ‘living wall’ effect with hanging plants and architectural foliage.

A trailing plant in a green reactive glaze pot on a wooden shelf.

Green up your bookcase

Who says bookcases have to be boring? Fill the upper shelves with trailing plants that spill out and cascade downward. For added interest, pick out some unique or unusual pots to put them in.

A tall rubber plant in a woven seagrass basket with handles.

Bring out the baskets

Woven basketware is ideal for disguising a large plant pot and base and can add a real design statement to a room as it emphasises the organic vibe from your greenery. Sometimes it’s really tough to find the right size pot for your new statement plant, so a basket is a great idea, as you can put the plastic plant pot inside the basket.

More bright additions

A blue patterned rug on a wooden living room floor.

Living room rug ideas

Habitat Evelyn print lined eyelet yellow curtains.

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