Choosing the right light bulbs for your home

Let's shed some light on the different bulb types to pick from.

Image of an Edison style hanging from a ceiling in a grey room.
Close up image of three light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Lighten up

Lighting has changed a lot since Edison’s time but our love for the humble light bulb has never dimmed.

At Habitat, we have a full range of light bulbs in all shapes, sizes, wattages and cap types.

Unsure what type of bulb you need for your home? Let us help! Our handy guide will take you through the basics, from bulb types to base fittings.

Bulb types

Image of a standard light bulb.

Standard light bulbs

If brightness is all you care about, then a standard shape bulb is ideal. These bulbs are really versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere.

Image of a globe light bulb.

Globe light bulbs

Larger and rounder than standard bulbs, these bulbs are typically used in decorative fittings. They make a great feature either by themselves or in a pendant.

Image of a candle light bulb.

Candle light bulb

Candle bulbs are perfect for ornamental and open fittings such as chandeliers. They are often used in tight-fitting spaces where a standard bulb won't fit.

 Image of ST64 light bulb.

ST64 light bulbs

ST64 bulbs replicate the look of filament bulbs from the Edison era. They work well with light fittings that  highlight the unique look of the bulb.

Image of a decorative light bulb.

Decorative light bulbs

Decorative bulbs are designed to be seen, so don't hide them away under a shade or cover. Pair with a minimalist light fitting for a statement look.

Image of a reflector light bulb.

Spotlight light bulbs

Spotlight bulbs are different from other bulbs as they only direct light downwards. They are typically used to direct lighting to specific areas you want to emphasize.

Light bulb fittings

Image of Edison screw light bulb fitting.

ES (Edison screw) light bulbs

As their name suggests, ES light bulbs simply screw into the light fitting, and are one of the most common types of light bulbs available. They come in two sizes, E27 and E14.

Image of bayonet cap light bulb fitting.

BC (bayonet cap) light bulbs

BC bulbs have two pins on opposite sides of the cap which connect to the light fitting via a twist lock. The B22 cap measures 22mm in diameter and is the most common size available.

Image of G9 light bulb fitting.

G9 light bulbs

G9 bulbs are usually used for integrated fittings such as cooker hoods and cabinet lights. They have two small loops protruding from the base of the bulb which slot into the light fitting.

Image of GU10 light bulb fitting.

GU10 light bulbs

The GU10 is the most popular type of spotlight bulb used in household lighting. Like the bayonet bulb, it has two pins which connect to the fitting via a simple push and twist action.

Leading lights

Image of five filament bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Vintage light bulbs

Why go basic when you could have something a little bit extra? Vintage bulbs are the go-to choice when it comes to statement lighting. Designed to replicate the look of early incandescent models, these decorative bulbs can be used alone or with a shade, and are an easy way to bring the retro trend into your home.

Close up of a globe shaped bulb.

LED light bulbs

You can save yourself a lot of energy by replacing your existing light bulbs with LED ones. LED bulbs emit the same amount of light as conventional light bulbs but don't generate nearly as much heat. This makes them more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat rather than light.

More bright ideas

An image of various copper and industrial style lights.

Lighting ideas

Image of various light types in black and gold in a pink room.

Living room lighting

Image of various pendant styles hanging over a dining table.

Ceiling light ideas

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