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Industrial style ceiling light with metallic detailing and exposed filament bulbs.

We’re here to shed some light on the latest lighting trends, what type works best in which room, and help you find what you’re looking for – even if you don’t know yet. You’ll know when you see it, you know?

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An image of a white room with a wooden dining set and rattan pendant lightshades.

Rattan lighting

Bohemian décor at its best, rattan and other natural materials are at the peak of popularity. Incorporate with accessories like lamp shades for an effortlessly laidback space.

An image of an industrial style table lamp with a copper cage shade.

Copper & rose gold lighting

Pair with a metal frame and you’ve got the industrial trend down to a T. While accompanying soft greys or glass sings of a vintage boudoir. Whatever your style preference, know you’ll nail it with these tones.

An image of a black tripod table lamp.

Black lighting

Never one to go out of fashion, black is always a reliable option. Couple it with contemporary, pair it with bohemian or match it with glamorous – it goes with everything.

An image of a chrome table lamp with a bubble effect tube light.

LED lights

A firm fave in the family home. Our pal the LED light uses less electricity, lasts longer and doesn’t take an age to get bright enough to get on with things. We can't see these going anywhere anytime soon.

Brass table lamp sat on table next to navy sofa.

Metallic Glam

A futuristic fusion of glamour and chrome.

Types of lighting

There are three main types of lighting - ambient, task and accent.

  • Ambient lighting – Light to see where you’re going without the glare, bedtime reading, sitting on the sofa, and so on.
  • Task lighting – Cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, you know the kind of things we mean.
  • Accent lighting – Decorative lighting to highlight room features you want to show off. Think brick work, beams or a piece of art.
Orange mushroom lamp on shelf next to books.


The lamp family are a varied bunch, all designed with us in mind (how thoughtful). Whatever vibe you’re going for, there’s a design to suit – as if it were meant to be!

An image of a chrome arched table lamp.

Table lamps

From bedside tables for a spot of night-time reading, to shedding some light on your living room, table lamps are a sure-fire way to give extra glow when the light’s looking low.

An image of an arched floor lamp with a white shade.

Floor lamps

Short on surface space or need extra light? No worries. Coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, from tripod, arched, or sporting an exposed bulb, floor lamps can fit in the most awkward corners and gaps.

An image of a black desk lamp with an adjustable neck.

Desk lamps

Stop straining to see spreadsheets - illuminate your office space with lighting that’s bright enough for brainstorming bright ideas.

An image of a chrome and grey touch lamp on a bedside table.

Touch lamps

C’mon over convenience. Touch lamps indulge our lazy side and we don’t feel guilty about it one bit. Tap to turn on, tap again to adjust the brightness, and when you’re done, tap again to turn off.

An image of a silver and glass chandelier.

Ceiling lights

Aka the ‘the big light’. If you know what you want, we won’t keep you, but if a bit of advice and inspiration is what you’re after, our ceiling light guide can deliver the goods.

Other lighting types

An image of figure 8 shaped wall light above a shelf.

Fixed wall lighting

When surface and floor space is in short supply and a little more light is needed. We’re talking staircases, corner shelves or reading nooks. Plus, they add a calming ambience to the room, so put your feet up and relax.

Image of a round, extendable, light-up bathroom wall light.

Mirror with lights

How on earth does anyone expect us to get ready without one? Precisely apply your lippy, get that closer shave or just admire your own reflection. Either way, they all need decent light.

Image of a grey and white star fabric lampshade in a kids' bedroom.

Kids' lighting

Way more fun than a grown-up light. Whether it’s a bedroom turned palace, jungle or outer space, our bright, textured and themed lights will add the finishing touch.

Image of a light-up sign that says 'love'.

String & novelty lights

Lighting does more than just brighten the place, it can be decorative and feel nice too. Like neon lights. They add a fun punch of personality to any room. See what we mean?

Lighting by room

You do different things in different rooms which require a couple of different types of lighting. Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you, so you know what’s watt.

Image of a large arched floor lamp next to a turquoise chaise lounge.

Living room lighting ideas

It’s the heart of your home, a space to stretch out on the sofa and socialise. Ambient lighting is the best match. Think diffused light from a floor lamp or a shining chandelier. If you’ve got a neat feature to highlight or you’re feeling lavish, accent lights take your glow up a gear – nice touch!

Lounge in more living room lighting ideas
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Image of a white, black and turquoise kitchen counter top with a metal pendant light.

Kitchen lighting ideas

You’ll need to see what you’re chopping, so task lighting in the form of spotlights is on the menu here. If you’re a lucky so-and-so and have an island, then opt for kitchen island pendants to create a tranquil setting with a fancy feel.

Image of a gold table lamp with an exposed bulb.

Bedroom lighting ideas

Unless your bedroom is a sleep station by night and office by day, there’s really only a need for ambient lighting. This can be in the form of a bedside lamp or ceiling light. If you do need it brighter, then a desk lamp should do the trick.

Image of a dining table with two orange pendant lights.

Dining room lighting ideas

The dining table is where you put the world to rights and catch up on each other’s day, so you need soft lighting, to nibble and natter comfortably. Pendants and chandeliers disperse light while flush lights with a shade shine softly.

Image of a round, black mirror with a bar light above it.

Bathroom lighting ideas

You need task lighting, and there's two main options...

  • Spotlights - Single ones to put wherever you want, or rails which have several lights fixed to the same spot that you point where you need them.
  • Mirror with lights – Providing direct light to shave, tweeze, brush or squeeze.

Make sure they have a suitable IP rating - our ceiling light guide delves deeper into this.

An image of a small, arched table lamp in rose gold.

Office lighting ideas

Task, task, task. You’re a busy bee, and you need light that lets you focus and reduces screen glare. In this instance, correct lighting is important to help reduce eye strain and headaches. Whether it’s a desk lamp or one that’s fixed to the wall – you can’t concentrate if you’re Googling in the dark.

Image of a round wall lamp next to a plant.

Hallway lighting ideas

These can be a tall order, but really, as long as it’s a warm glow welcoming you through the door and you’re not bumping your head on it, it doesn’t matter what you choose. Pendant? Perfect. Flush? Fab. Wall light? Why not.

Outdoor lighting

Image of large bulb outdoor string lights.

Don't forget outside!

All our outdoor lighting is solar powered, to transform your back yard into a relaxing retreat without plugging in. Whether you’re enjoying al fresco dining or wrapped up toasting marshmallows by the patio heater, these lights are for all year, not just for Christmas.

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