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Types of lighting

Lighting by room

You do different things in different rooms which require a couple of different types of lighting. Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you, so you know what’s watt.

Traingle white floor lamp in living room.

Living room lighting ideas

It’s the heart of your home, a space to stretch out on the sofa and socialise. Ambient lighting is the best match. Think diffused light from a floor lamp or a shining chandelier. If you’ve got a neat feature to highlight or you’re feeling lavish, accent lights take your glow up a gear – nice touch!

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Black abstract ceiling light in kitchen.

Kitchen lighting ideas

You’ll need to see what you’re chopping, so task lighting in the form of spotlights is on the menu here. If you’re a lucky so-and-so and have an island, then opt for kitchen island pendants to create a tranquil setting with a fancy feel.

Hanging green bedroom light from ceiling.

Bedroom lighting ideas

Unless your bedroom is a sleep station by night and office by day, there’s really only a need for ambient lighting. This can be in the form of a bedside lamp or ceiling light. If you do need it brighter, then a desk lamp should do the trick.

Hanging ceiling light above dining room table.

Dining room lighting ideas

The dining table is where you put the world to rights and catch up on each other’s day, so you need soft lighting, to nibble and natter comfortably. Pendants and chandeliers disperse light while flush lights with a shade shine softly.

Bathroom round ceiling light in gold.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Good bathroom lighting is crucial. From spotlights to mirror lighting, make sure your bathroom is bright enough to provide direct light to shave, tweeze, brush or squeeze any time of day or night!

Grey office table lamp on table with laptop.

Office lighting ideas

Task, task, task. You’re a busy bee, and you need light that lets you focus and reduces screen glare. In this instance, correct lighting is important to help reduce eye strain and headaches. Whether it’s a desk lamp or one that’s fixed to the wall – you can’t concentrate if you’re Googling in the dark.

Outdoor string fairy lights with sphere bulbs.

Outdoor lighting

All our outdoor lighting is solar powered, to transform your back yard without plugging in. So get ready to light up your outdoor space and create a magical setting all year round.

Light bulb guide

Bulb types

standard light bulb.

Standard light bulbs

If brightness is all you care about, then a standard shape bulb is ideal. These bulbs are really versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere.

Globe light bulb.

Globe light bulbs

Larger and rounder than standard bulbs, these bulbs are typically used in decorative fittings. They make a great feature either by themselves or in a pendant.

Candle light bulb.

Candle light bulb

Candle bulbs are perfect for ornamental and open fittings such as chandeliers. They are often used in tight-fitting spaces where a standard bulb won't fit.

ST64 light bulb.

ST64 light bulbs

ST64 bulbs replicate the look of filament bulbs from the Edison era. They work well with light fittings that highlight the unique look of the bulb.

Decorative light bulbs.

Decorative light bulbs

Decorative bulbs are designed to be seen, so don't hide them away under a shade or cover. Pair with a minimalist light fitting for a statement look.

Spotlight light bulbs.

Spotlight light bulbs

Spotlight bulbs are different from other bulbs as they only light downwards. They are typically used to direct lighting to specific areas you want to emphasize.

Light bulb fittings

Edison screw light bulbs.

ES (Edison screw) light bulbs

As their name suggests, ES light bulbs simply screw into the light fitting, and are one of the most common types of light bulbs available. They come in two sizes, E27 and E14.

Bayonet cap light bulbs.

BC (Bayonet cap) light bulbs

BC bulbs have two pins on opposite sides of the cap which connect to the light fitting via a twist lock. The B22 cap measure 22mm in diameter and is the most common size available.

G9 light bulbs.

G9 light bulbs

G9 bulbs are usually used for integrated fittings such as cooker hoods and cabinet lights. They have two small loops protruding from the base of the bulb which slot into the light fitting.

GU10 Light Bulbs.

GU10 light bulbs

The GU10 is most popular type of spotlight bulb used in household lighting. Like the bayonet bulb, it has two pins which connect to the fitting via a simple push and twist action.

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