How to get the modern country look

Country style interiors with a contemporary twist.

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Kitchen top and shelf with utensils and tableware in green and brass.
Habitat Jacquard leaf bedding set.

What is the modern country look?

A timeless and classic choice, this style is inspired by rural living but with a modern update. Celebrating the great outdoors, this relaxed and versatile look has an emphasis on nature, harnessing a chalky verdant colour palette and botanical accessories. Bleached wood, wicker and recycled glass pieces add to its calming and restorative effect.

In the living room

A multicoloured Habitat Eden wicker basket.

Bring the outside in

The key to a country style living room is to incorporate lots of natural materials. Wooden furniture will add to the organic, outdoorsy aesthetic you are hoping to achieve. And don’t forget the plants – you can never have too many of those.

Modern country living room picks

In the dining room

Oak dining table with black an grey dining chairs and green tableware.

Classic meets contemporary

A modern country dining room isn’t complete without a classic wooden dining table. Perfect for small spaces, this Etta table transforms from console table to dining table in just seconds. Handy huh? Keep the look fresh by adding mismatched dining chairs.

Green bubble glassware and blue-green plates and bowl.

Eat your greens

Add interest to your table setting with our green bubble glassware. Its soft, organic shape and calming sage green colour makes it a versatile addition to your tableware, complementing almost all colour spectrums.

Modern country dining room picks

In the kitchen

Kitchen top and shelf with utensils and tableware in green and brass.

Country cooking

Fill your country style kitchen with stylish yet sensible cookware and utensils. Our cast aluminium casserole dishes are more lightweight than their iron counterparts, and retain and distribute heat more evenly. Great for oven-to-table dining, they can be proudly displayed on shelving between uses too.

Modern country kitchen picks

In the bedroom

Green bedroom with wooden bed and botanical bedding.

Dream in green

Said to possess positive psychological properties, the colour green evokes peace, balance and harmony. Giving the feeling of being connected to nature it is said to rejuvenate and restore, making it the perfect hue for the bedroom. Time for a snooze?

Habitat plain faux emerald green fur cushion.

The zen den

Get cosy with throws and cushions featuring an eclectic pattern that celebrates bringing the outdoors in. Our in-house print studio drew inspiration from both cityscapes and the countryside. Luscious, leafy ferns are encompassed by a geometric panelled print.

Modern country bedroom picks

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