FLEXIBLE LIVING Introducing Sarah Akwisombe

Small spaces are a big thing at Habitat. Stylist Sarah Akwisombe has been working her magic down at Tottenham Court Road to create a micro-apartment.

Sarah Akwisombe in the #mymicrohabitat in Habitat Tottenham Court Road with a green dinosaur

Who is Sarah?

Sarah Akwisombe isn’t shy about her roundabout entry into interior styling. A singer songwriter, via a career in marketing and content, lead to her setting up her own blog to document the renovation of her first home. When push came to shove, she decided to work full-time for herself and the interior styling world is all the richer for it. Her statement style championing the quirky and celebrating the graphic (with her trademark dash of neon highlight) has made her much in demand.

A Match Made in Neon

Sarah’s warts and all writing style has gained her a readership of over 10,000 people a month. From getting fired from her full-time job (“yep, really!”) to her first styling job, it’s like having a virtual cuppa with the lady herself, whilst discussing the latest interiors trends. “I have a really niche style and I attract readers who are also a bit rebellious and want to break the rules.” Sarah brings her style to Habitat’s latest project: #mymicrohabitat at our Tottenham Court Road store.

Sarah Akwisombe with a white neon light
Sarah Akwisombe in the #mymicrohabitat at Habitat Tottenham Court Road

The Making of #mymicrohabitat

“My plans are to create quite an arty space; allowing you to see what’s possible within a confined space and that smaller living doesn’t need to be any less stylish. I’ll be looking at maximising storage space and using clever pieces that have dual uses. I’m working to quite a colourful palette of green, pink and white with a touch of brass. This isn’t for people who want to fade into the background. It’s going to be quite a statement!” Just like Habitat!