Ornaments and accessories

It’s the little trinkets and nick-nacks that make a house a home.

Vase on dining room table with flower display.

Vases and vessels

Habitat Black Finish Large Lantern.

Candle holders

Navy and gold wall clock on wall.


Green lamp with white light shade in living room.

Statement lighting

Faux plant in cream pot on side table.

Indoor plants and pots

Cushions and throws

Sofas and beds looking a little bare? Warm them up with our favourite cushions and throws.

Stripecream  long cushion on sofa next to cushions.

How to choose new cushions

Cushion sizes - There are a few different sizes of cushion to choose from. Our biggest cushions are 58 x 58cm and the smallest are 43 x 43cm, with a few other options in the middle. You can also find rectangular cushions which are a good fit for beds and armchairs.

Cushion colours and designs - From plain to patterned, there are lots of different cushions to choose from. Go bold with colours and prints to make a style statement, or choose something that seamlessly blends with your existing decor.

Look out for different finishes which add a touch of luxury. Some feature raised tufts of fabric, while others have little tassels in the corner.

Cream fur throw in living room basket next to sofa.

How to choose a throw

Throw sizes - When it comes to cosiness, bigger is always better, right? Our largest throws are 150 x 170cm, offering enough cover to share... If you're feeling generous that is.

The next size down is 125 x 170cm and the smallest is 125 x 150cm - still big enough for cosying up in the colder months.

Throw colours and design - Our throws come in more than just plain colours - so you've got plenty to choose from if you're looking for something that is the yin to your home's yang. Browse the range to find the one that would look best in your home.

How to choose a mirror

Mirrors are magical things - not only do they look great, but they can transform a space in an instant, making it feel larger and brighter. From round to rectangular, black to brass, we reflect on why you should invest in a mirror for every room in the home.

Types of mirrors

Circle wall mirror with black frame.

Wall mirrors

As the name suggests, these are designed to be hung on the wall. You'll find all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your space and style.

Full length mirror with black frame.

Full length mirrors

Long and narrow, these mirrors provide a full-length reflection. However, some of our styles can also be hung horizontally too.

Free standing black edge curve mirror.

Freestanding mirrors

These designs either lean against the wall or stand upright so there's no need for them to be hung.

Which mirror for which room?

Black circle mirror in bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

Tested to cope with high humidity areas, our collection of bathroom mirrors includes swivel styles and illuminated mirrors ideal for makeup application. A mirror with shelves is also handy for all your lotions and potions.

Bedroom mirror hanging on wall.

Bedroom mirrors

As the bedroom often doubles up as a dressing room, we recommend a full-length mirror so you can easily check your outfits. A decorative mirror placed above a chest of drawers will add interest as well as brightening the boudoir.

Hallway mirror hanging on wall with black frame.

Hallway mirrors

Perfect for last minute touch ups before you leave the house, a mirror will also make a small or narrow hallway appear so much bigger. Window mirrors like this one look particularly good here.

Living room mirror hanging ovr fire place on green wall.

Living room mirrors

Wall mirrors work well in a living room, freeing up floor space for more functional pieces. Place a large mirror above a mantelpiece to make a style statement, or for something a little different, create a gallery wall of smaller mirrors.

Why mirror size matters

Have a think about whether you'd like your new mirror to act as a focal point, an accent or to simply form part of the background of a room. If hanging the mirror above a piece of furniture a general rule of thumb is to choose one that's two thirds the size of the furniture. We recommend marking out the area with some newspaper so you can work out the size that's best for the space.

Large mirrors

One thing's for sure: big mirror = big impact. To make a large mirror the focal point of a room choose a frame that makes it even more noticeable. If you'd prefer it to become part of the background however, go for an extra large mirror with a subtle frame so that its main function is to make your space appear bigger.

Bedroom mirror hanging on wall.

Small mirrors

A single small mirror on a large wall will get lost so be careful where you place it. Smaller mirrors work really well as accents, to either catch the light or reflect an interesting object. To create a striking focal point consider arranging a collection of small mirrors together to form an alternative gallery wall.

Wall art and frames guide

Bloomingville Palm Leaf Wall Décor.

Picture perfect

Want to jazz up a dull corner of your home? An urbane, hodgepodge of art prints and photographs is one of the easiest ways to do it. But before you hammer that first nail into the wall, there's a little bit of prep work to do, so without further adieu, lets get started!

Choosing a frame

Though your walls can’t talk, the pictures on them say much about your style. However, before you consider where to hang that graphic print or contemporary artwork, think first about frames.

Black frame with wall art hanging on green wall.

Frame materials

Habitat frames are constructed from a range of different materials – wood, aluminium, plastic, acrylic and glass. When choosing a frame style, have a think about whether you’d like to use a statement frame or something slightly more subtle.

Range of frames in different styles and sizes on shelf.

Different frame sizes

When hanging artwork, you’ll need to measure and search for the right size frame to display your works of art. As well as the perfect frame, a quality mount can add impact to your photos, posters and artworks. Habitat sells frames as small as 10 x 15cm to as large as 70x100 cm, covering all sizes.

Photo collage in wooden frame hanging on wall.

Hanging pictures

Frames can be hung in three ways: using a metal wire; using the edge of the frame; or hung directly onto a hook, nail or screw with the help of the metal fixings on the back of the frame.

Black frame with wall art on green shelf.

Caring for your frames

You only need to use a soft dry cloth to clean your frames. Take special care when cleaning the surface of acrylic frames however, because they’re more easily scratched.

Positioning pictures and prints

Wall art in black frames hanging on wall.

Frame up

As a general rule, artwork should be hung at eye level but a good tip if your ceilings are low is that hanging your pictures a little higher will lead the eye upwards, giving the impression of higher ceilings. If all your frames are the same size, hanging them at the same height will achieve a clean, streamlined look.

Photo collage in grey frame hanging on white wall.

Creative collage

For frames of different sizes, the same orderly look can be achieved if the pictures are hung so that the centre of each is level with all the others. Collage-style displays in which pictures are fitted around each other in a pieced-together way are also very stylish. This method is often used for groups of family photographs.

Accessorise with colour

Adding more colour can really bring your home to life. Whether you're more bright and bold, or small and subtle, all it takes is a few different hues to truly stamp your style in each room. Here's some of our favourites.

Navy blue living room with navy lamp and accessories.

Navy blue

Deep, moody and oh-so serious. Navy blue homewares are full of subtle sophistication.

Gold accessories on side board.


Add a touch of glam to your home with our decadent gold details.

Blush pink bedding in bedroom.

Blush pink

Soft and sugary sweet, pinks instantly inject personality in to any room.

Mustard living room with mustard lamp.


Big and bold, yellow accents are a real room brightener.

More ideas

Gold mushroom lamp on sideboard.

New arrivals

Neutral living room with bbble lamp and sofa.

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Green leaf rug on living room floor.

Rug ideas

Green leaf rug on living room floor.

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