Playroom ideas

We know what children really like to do – play, play and more play!

Playroom with yellow sofa, white desk and giraffe stool.

Kid-friendly furniture & accessories

Whether they’re diving onto it, leaping off it or sleeping in it, playroom furniture needs to be hard-wearing and space-efficient, leaving even more room for fun.

Four ideas to make your playroom more FUN-ctional

Beanbag with a polka dot pattern in a nature-themed playroom.

Cosy reading spot

After a fun-packed day of adventure and learning, nothing beats a bit of quiet time with a good book and a beanbag chair.

Craft table with pencils and paper on a round grey rug.

Arts and crafts station

Whether it's drawing, painting, cutting, pasting or modelling, a play table provides the perfect place for kids to unleash their creativity.

Play tent filled with cushions and blankets in a nature-themed playroom.

Playroom den

Transform an out-of-the way space into a child's magical hideout - just add blankets and cushions and it's done.

Pink shelving unit filled with toys and storybooks.

Storytelling shelves

Create a cute kids corner with a slimline wall-mounted bookcase housing favourite books, toys and games.

Playroom storage

Tidy up time

Kids are more likely to keep their toys and books organised (yeah right!) If storage is fun to use. Our colourful shelves, bookcases and baskets are great for keeping that mountain of clutter under control.

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