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Get uber-organised with storage inspiration for every room.

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Habitat Bournemouth 2 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard -Light Grey.


Image of a storage unit with canvas boxes.
Image of some blue canvas boxes.
Images of a flexible storage unit.


Square boxes for square holes. This is the bookcase and canvas box combo that works in any space.

Image of a tall bookcase.

Think vertical

Taller units are a win-win. Not only do they give you more storage but they also leave you with more floor space to play with.

And a lofty bookcase doesn't just have to be for books, you can use it for showing off your favourite ornaments, plants and photo frames too.

For a more minimalist approach, choose some stylish shelving.

Habitat Rosella velvet ottoman - pink.

Storage that multi-tasks

No room for specific storage? Pick some pieces to work double duty.

- Choose a desk with drawers or shelves to keep essential files and equipment safe and tidy.

- Ottomans are an excellent choice for combining seating and storage. Not only do they look great, but also provide a handy hideaway.

- Don’t let your get-ready essentials clutter your bedroom. Pick a dressing table that has some drawers to keep the stuff you need close to hand.

Image of a hallway with a storage unit.

Tidy first impressions

Hallways are a prime candidate for clutter – which isn’t ideal when they’re the first thing people see of your home.

  • Pair some hooks or a coat stand with some shoe storage and you’re sorted for when you leave the house and come home. Some shoe storage units even double up as a bench, giving you somewhere to sit when you put on your shoes.
  • Complete the welcoming entranceway look with a console table for keeping your keys or other essentials you need when you leave.

Living and dining storage

Smart storage that doesn’t impose on your living space.

Living and dining room top picks

Kitchen storage

Image of a set of storage jars.

Food for thought

Get prepped for meal time with reusable food storage. Pasta jars and storage pots that keep your food-stuff close to hand for when you need it most.

Bedroom storage

With clothes and accessories and everything else you need to keep in the bedroom, storing it all can often feel like a bit of a puzzle. Luckily there’s some clever ways to keep it tidy and organised.

Bathroom storage

Image of a storage unit in a bathroom.

Bathroom storage ideas

Check out our full range of bathroom storage units, or get creative with our bathroom storage ideas.

Office storage

Image of a desk with drawers.

Office desks with storage

Keep paperwork and work essentials out of sight when office hours are over.
A desk with drawers is a great way to keep your desk from getting cluttered.

Image of a small storage unit.

Bookcases and shelving

Get serious about working from home with dedicated storage solutions. Choose one with a door to keep work from taking over your home decor.

Top drawer inspiration

Image of a small space with a sofa and storage.

Small room ideas

Image of a living room with shelving and a storage unit.

Bookcase and shelving guide

Image of a scandi style desk and chair combination.

Small home office ideas

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