Utility room ideas

A space that can be whatever you want it to be.

This is the one room in the house that can be chopped and changed to be whatever you need. Laundry room, kitchen overflow, or somewhere to keep your muddy boots, coats and scarves. The rules are, there are no rules!

A multi-functional space made for you

Image of two wicker laundry baskets.

Laundry room

Allocate a room to keep all your laundry and cleaning kit in one place. Put a wash on, then shut the whirring out. And that pile of ironing can wait for another day.

Image of a pineapple-shaped seagrass laundry basket.

Laundry baskets

Have one for each of your loads. Colours, lights, darks or delicates. They'll take the sorting out of the equation so you can bung them into the drum, no messing.

Image of a clothes dryer.

Clothes dryers

Chances are, the weather's too naff to dry your clothes outside. This is where a utility space steps in. There'll be no need to dodge the dryers you had to dot about the house.

Image of a wooden cupboard with folded towels in it.

Haven't got an airing cupboard?

There's no reason why your utility room can't double as an airing cupboard. If you've had your tumble dryer on the go, the place will be lovely and toasty!

Image of a white bench with shoe storage beneath it.

Boot room

Kick off muddy wellies and shrug off wet coats guilt-free. It's what the space is for. Meanwhile, the rest of the house remains clean. It's also ideal for storing all your bulky outdoor clothes, freeing up wardrobe space. Bonus!

Image of a turquoise bin and a black bin fixed to the inside of a cupboard door.

Put your bins behind closed doors

Bins are essential, but talk about an eyesore. Hide them away and have your nicer things on display. You'll also have more room to split your rubbish from your recycling. Here's to a healthier planet!

Utility tidiers

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