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Image of white wardrobe set next to a wood four poster bed.

Let's explore styles

Black sliding wardrobe in bedroom with wooden floor.

Sliding wardrobes

Sliding doors = savvy use of space. Because the door moves across instead of opening out, there’s more room around it. Bye bye crammed and cluttered. Let’s not forget to mention the choice of chests, rails and open shelving you’ll have too.

White wardrobe with mirrored door panels next to window with pink curtains.

Mirrored wardrobes

Short on wall space? Make way for mirrored wardrobes. Basically a 2-in-1, it eliminates the need to squeeze in a stand-alone mirror, making the room feel bigger and brighter. It offers more than meets the eye.

Hanging rail unit filled with a selection of clothes and shoes.

Space-saving wardrobes

Give yourself more wiggle room with clothing rails, open wardrobes and other space-saving designs. They're often more affordable than other styles too. Height adjustable, built in shelves, multi-rail or wheels, they could be the answer to your problems.

Kids' wardrobe in bedroom next to chest of drawers and storage unit.

Kids' wardrobes

Seeing as the contents are dinkier, kids’ wardrobes usually are too. Fold, hang, stack (scrunch and chuck in when the kids are involved), their clothes can be put away to make room for play.

How many doors do you need?

Which material & colour is your cup of tea?

Image of a wooden two door wardrobe.

Solid wood & wood effect

Let nature do the talking.

Image of a black, three door wardrobe with a mirror in the middle.


Taking moody to the max.

Image of a white wardrobe set.


Minimalists, these have your name on them.

Choosing your wardrobe

Diagram of a three door wardrobe with measurements.

How to measure a wardrobe

  • Note the width, height and depth of your space and wardrobe to make sure it’ll fit. You may want to check out the internal measurements too. These will indicate how much storage space you actually have.
  • We have the dimensions of every wardrobe we offer in the ‘Details and Dimensions’ section next to the wardrobes that catch your eye.
  • All our wardrobes come flat packed, so your doors and awkward corners shouldn’t be an issue, unless you have tight spiral staircases then you may need to pivot!
Diagram of a room with measurements of surrounding space.


  • It’s important to measure the space around your wardrobe. You want to be able to comfortably stand in front of it and open the doors and drawers easily.
  • If you have a smaller bedroom, this is where sliding wardrobes work perfectly as they don’t open outwards.
  • When measuring your space, leave the following clearance: 1cm of width clearance and 4cm of ceiling clearance.
Image of white wardrobe, chest of drawers and two bedside drawers next to a pink bed.

Things to consider

We don’t want you to bear the wardrobe-choosing burden alone, so we’ve listed some things to think about beforehand.

  • How many people will be using the wardrobe?
  • Will the style fit in with the rest of the room? You may want to check out our bedroom furniture sets.
  • How much space do you need?
  • Do you want hinged or sliding doors?
  • Think about your clothes – do you need more space for hangers, or more space for folded clothes?
Image of a wicker basket with clothes in it.

Wardrobe storage

Create compartments for smaller bits like socks, accessories and anything else that doesn’t need to be hung with baskets, boxes and trays. Hanging shoe racks are a nifty way to add extra space-saving storage. You might even want to pick up some under the bed boxes to tuck away outfits that aren’t seasonally suitable.

Caring for your closet

Wood finishes can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth and dried thoroughly, while mirrors and white glass should be cleaned with a cool damp cloth. It’s best not to use glass cleaner or furniture polish – they’re too harsh and can cause damage to the wardrobe’s finish.

For specific cleaning instructions, please refer to individual product pages.

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Image of a bed with white bedding an a lilac headboard.

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Image of a bedroom with a wooden and orange walls and colourful bedding.

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