FLEXIBLE LIVING Sarah Akwisombe's
Top Tips for Small Spaces

Interior Stylist Sarah Akwisombe, designer of the micro-apartment at our Tottenham Court Road store, has big ideas for your small spaces.

Blogger and stylist Sarah Akwisombe on the sofa


It’s a myth that using colour in small spaces will make them feel smaller. Instead it works to change the vibe eg. from fresh to intimate. So paint the walls! Use prints!

The Habitat Loki bookcase in the #mymicrohabitat


As seen in the micro space we went up the walls to store as much as we could so that we could keep the floor space clear. The Miles unit combines both colour and storage height.


Pieces that can do two things are super handy. Think sofa beds, flap down tables and the like. The Suki table works as a desk for one or, extended, a dining table for 4-6.

The grey Sibu sofa bed
Sibu Sofa bed


If you add lamps and under-furniture lighting tubes or LED strips you can create so many different moods. This helps the space to turn from cosy to business in a few clicks or vice versa.

The Marlow lamp
Marlowe Lamp
The Nac glass table


The Nic table was perfect for the microhabitat because it didn’t add any bulky blocks of furniture. It stops your eye being drawn to it, which keeps the room feeling spacious and airy.

Sarah Akwisombe next to pink lips neon light


Keep small spaces clutter free? I disagree; if you add personality to a small space it helps you to really enjoy the space for what it is. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t have a big personality!


The slim profile of the Rafi floor lamp adds another light source with a tiny footprint. If it’s a larger piece like a sideboard or sofa, pick one that has slim legs to add to the sense of space.

The Rafi floor lamp
Rafi Floor Lamp


I recently read about a Japanese couple who had twenty items between them. Minimal living often means that what you have is more than enough. Refine your life down to the things you love.

Pink legs neon light
The Habitat Loki bookcase with storage boxes and vases


Open shelves can help to make your space feel more open and airy. It stops the appearance of the walls coming in, rather letting your eye see the space. This works especially well with kitchen shelving.