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Summer refresh

Create a glamorous dining space with a feeling of luxury. The polished brass table & chairs, paired with the glass tabletop, gives a stylish and sophisticated look to any dining space.

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Indoor hosting dinner set.

Indoor hosting

Give your guests that luxury feeling.

Outdoor dining.

Outdoor dining

Get ready for sunny get-togethers once more.

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Fine dining

Finishing touches

Host with the most

Gold framed dining chairs and table.

Dining room on the small size?

Don't let your small dining space cramp your style. Check out our tips and ideas on maximising square footage to create a dining room you'll want to show off to guests.

View dining table ideas.

Gather around the table

Get your hosting hat on and prepare for guests with a dining table perfect for entertaining.

Dinnerware & glassware guide.

Dinnerware and glassware ideas

Whatever the occasion, find inspiration for laying the perfect table.

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