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Yello bars stool and table set.

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Why buy at Habitat?

Whether you have a large outdoor area, small garden, outdoor terrace or balcony, we’ve here to help you create your very own outdoor sanctuary. All you’ll need is some simple decorative elements to revive your outdoor space and create a comfortable and inspiring environment you’ll love spending time in. Start off with some stylish essentials like our outdoor furniture; simply add some garden chairs to create a place you can comfortably socialise with family or enjoy some alone time.

If you love being surrounded by nature, then a couple planters would look great around your garden- and if you’re working with a smaller space then our beautiful flower pots are equally as effective at adding some life and colour to your space.

Multifunctional furniture and accessories are always useful, especially if you’re not always spending time outdoors or the weather isn’t always on the sunny side. Check out our home accessories that are fit for both outdoor and indoor use, like our fabulous indoor planters; they’re incredibly stylish and oh so trendy. You’ll find a wide variety of styles and designs available so, you can find the perfect planters to house your plants and compliment your décor perfectly. If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional to hold up your flowers, then you can never go wrong with some classic vases; from traditional glass to contemporary ceramic, rustic wood and even sculptural inspired designs.