Our next classic sofabed: The Colombo

What’s a design classic? It’s something that lasts. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that is versatile, well made, always in fashion, never a slave to passing fancy. And it’s what Habitat specialises in.

Our next classic is called the Colombo and is available with sofabed options.

Sofabeds are notoriously uncomfortable – we’ve all experienced a wonky one – but the Colombo range is setting a new standard. Its design has been thought through for extra comfort, with a sprung base and foam top, plus a folding mechanism with supportive, sloped back cushions that can double as pillows. It’s simple and effective, like you’d expect from us.

But comfort wasn’t the only thing we had in mind. We also wanted Colombo to be easy to use. So on the 3-seat sofabed (£795) we’ve made it possible to pull out one section of the bed at a time, meaning early birds and night owls can happily coexist – for a night or two, anyway.


If space is limited, we’re also launching the Colombo armchair sofabed (£550). Both sizes are available in 8 colours – teal, yellow, red, blue, natural, grey, charcoal and brown – because we’re pretty certain it’s going to be a hit. And both go perfectly with our new storage footstool (£195) – all exclusive to Habitat.


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