Choosing The Right Sofa For You

Two seater grey sofa in living room

It isn’t just any old piece of furniture. Buying the right sofa is often a daunting task, as anyone who’s done it will know. It’s one of the biggest home purchases we make and it needs to see us through endless snooze sessions, kids’ somersaults, movie nights in, cocktail parties with friends, family summits and catch-ups over cups of tea. In short, it’s an all-rounder that should be practical and at the same time, speak to your style. Which raises the question: what is your style? And how can your sofa help you tell the world all about it?

For a start, it helps to pick out the broad themes of your interior. Are you a classic kind of guy or gal? Do you feel best in a clean, strictly modern space? Slave to bright colour or a neutral Nancy? Or, maybe you like to mix it up with an eclectic look that does more than one thing. Whatever it is, Habitat has got it covered in the sofa department.

Here are some ideas on how to sift through the endless choice and find the sofa on which you can nap happily ever after…

Classic home

If you’re in a sprawling country pile or spacious town house, a classic silhouette might be your bag; it’s all about generously sized sofas you can flop into in traditional shapes, colours and fabrics. This is where Chesterfields and Bridgewaters come into their own.

Navy blue 3 seater sofa in a living room

Modern sleek

You know the drill.  A minimal profile, clean lines and neutral colour are the keys to this look – nothing too squidgy, cheerful or twee. These sofas often make you want to sit up straight, and that’s a fact.

Black l-shaped sofa in yellow interior bedroom

Cosy and compact

Living in a compact city flat, your choice will be somewhat limited by space although that doesn’t mean you can’t relax on a fabulous sofa. Small and perfectly formed is often the very best kind to have.

Black 2 seater armless sofa

Rustic cottage

Cosy, durable and not too precious, the Rustic Cottage look could be either classic or modern – there are no rules. Wools, cottons and velvets are all good options for your sofa. What matters most is that there are a few throws and cushions on hand to make yourself at home in front of the fire.

Velvet three seater sofa in a living room

Mix it up

Can’t decide? Some people like a bit of everything, and that’s ok. Ethnic prints mixed with sleek metallic accents, and some girly flourishes for good measure. If this is you, we recommend a handsome sofa that can hold its own against anything and everything in the room.

Yellow two seater armless sofa with colourful cushions

How to get your sofa looking it’s best again:

  • Remove all the cushions from your sofa.
  • Starting with one of the seat cushions, up-end it onto one of its sides and drop it onto the floor (a gentle drop from about thigh height is fine, we’re not training for the WWF here).
  • Repeat this with each of the four sides of the cushion and replace on the sofa frame.
  • Do this for the remaining seat cushions and follow with any back cushions. They’ll be so plump you might have to ease them in a bit when putting back where they came from.
  • Aim to do this about once a week, or whenever your sofa’s looking a bit sad. We all need a bit of love and attention from time to time.

How to look after your sofa diagram

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