5 Top Tips For Working From Home

While working from home can have some serious perks – goodbye crowded commutes, expensive Pret lunches and freezing cold air con – it can also present a whole host of challenges. Hello Netflix on tap and unlimited snack breaks. So, to avoid falling into the depths of distraction, we’ve collated some top tips to staying productive at home.

From introducing plants to getting out of your PJs, check out our productivity boosting tips.

Wooden desk with blue velvet chair and black metal table lamp

1. Stick to your schedule

Just because you’re not going into the office and doing your daily commute, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your usual routine. Make sure you wake up at a normal time, have a shower and get dressed in clothes (not pyjamas – even though we’d love to stay in these all day) and have your morning cuppa before sitting down to get on with work. Erica Davies, the brains behind The Edited, works from home on a daily basis and suggests “You want to think about your office hours as you would if you worked in an office, schedule in time to take breaks and don’t force yourself. I always work best with a desk or table – I wouldn’t be able to work on the sofa or in a bed, but if that works for you – great!”

2. Create a designated work space

Although it may sound very tempting to stay in bed, grab your laptop and start working, it’s not the most effective way to get your productivity levels flowing. You’ll want to create a space that feels like ‘an office’, which will also help you make sure you maintain good posture levels, avoid distractions and can leave your work behind at the end of the working day when you move over to the sofa or bedroom. As content creator, Lily Pebbles, suggested on her recent Instagram post “You don’t need an entire office room – set up a small area at your dining table to act as a home office. The sofa may be calling for you but don’t even try it, it’s a slippery slope”. So just remember, working from home doesn’t mean you need to have loads of space – we’ve got a vast selection of leaning desks, modular designs and foldable chairs that are perfect for home working. And, if you can, face your desk towards a window. According to the laws of feng shui this enhances creativity, energy and productivity and is much better than a desk facing a wall which blocks or stunts our energy forces.

Wooden desk with grey chair and colourful table lamp

3. Look after yourself and get some fresh air

Whilst working from home may sound amazing, you still need to break up your day, as you would in the office. Take 5 minute breaks out of your day to stretch and walk away from your screen – whether that’s filling your water bottle up, making a cup of tea or simply just going for a stroll around the house. Also ensure you’re taking a full lunch break and step away from your laptop so you don’t get distracted by anything work related. This is the perfect time to leave the house, go for a walk and get some fresh air. Because nothing will drive you crazier faster than being at home 24/7 without seeing the outside world.

4. Green up your work space

Plants can easily transform your workspace into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place. Not only can they improve air quality and remove impurities, they add a stylish focal point to your working environment. Sophie Lee of Geo Fleur swears by the positive benefits of having plants in the workspace. “In 2015 there was a report in Australia that recorded and tested employees that were suffering with depression and stress, and then literally filled their desks with plants, and two months on they felt 70% better. Now that’s scientific proof.”

5. Stay connected

Whilst working from home can be fun, it can also become very lonely as you feel disconnected from the world. To tackle this, make sure you are communicating with your team throughout the day, as you would if you were in the office. Chat with colleagues, schedule in phone meetings and even check in on Skype. It will make you feel more involved rather than a lone wolf at home.

And remember, at the end of your working hours, log off and enjoy your evening work free!

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