Choosing the right office desk

Wooden desk with green velvet office chair in home office.

Whether you’ve got the pick of a spare bedroom, or find yourself relegated to a nook in the corner of your dining room, we’ve got the perfect desk to get you organised.

You'll want to choose a desk that’s a suitable shape and size. From corner desks to long desks, find the perfect desk to fit your space and style.

Choosing the right office chair

Green office chair next to black desk.

How to sit comfortably at a desk

You’re at your desk almost as long as you’re in bed (we know where we’d rather be), so comfort should be at the top of your list. Ever the team player, we’ve listed some things to think about to help you be comfy 9-5.

- Adjust your chair so your elbows are resting just above the table top and your feet flat on the floor.

- Don't scoot so far in that your legs feel squashed - this will never be a comfy position.

- Use the backrest tilt to find your ideal position. But don’t get carried away. Sitting too reclined, bolt upright or arched can cause neck and back problems.

- Always sit at the back of the chair to get proper back and lumbar support. For those with back issues, choose a chair that has an adjustable back support.

- Your arm rests shouldn’t get in the way of you moving closer to your desk.

- Padding adds extra comfort and support if sat there all day - providing it’s not too hard or soft. There's no time for a numb bum.

How to choose a new desk lamp

White soft touch desk lamp.

Why you need a desk lamp

A lamp is a must have for any office space, especially on gloomy days, dark nights and early mornings.

There are lots of benefits to adding a little more light. It can make it easier to read, lift your mood and give your desk extra style points. It can also make it easier to concentrate if you've been stuck at procrastination station.

Small home office ideas

Explore our 6 small space working solutions for how to get productive when space is limited.

Wooden ladder desk.

1. A ladder desk disguise

A ladder desk has the benefit of not looking much like a desk at all. When the laptop’s out, it’s a handy study station and when it’s not, it’s just some super stylish shelving.

Skinny desk with shelves.

2. Pair a skinny desk with vertical shelving

Small desk + smart shelving equals some top space saving. Use your desk for your WFH essentials and stick your stationery away on the shelves.

Wooden consile desk.

3. Switch up your sideboards or console tables

Make your sideboard work double duty and use it as a stealthy makeshift desk. Another way to disguise your workstation with a real home style statement.

White desk with storage.

4. Combine desk and storage space

Two birds, one stone. Desks with storage space help you to stay organised and reduce the clutter that inevitably piles up.

Wooden dressing table as desk.

5. Double up your dressing table

Short on space in your bedroom? Dress up your dressing table as a smart work station. You could even invest in some to keep your getting-ready essentials tidy.

Office chair that tucks in.

6. Choose a chair that tucks in

Limit how much space your desk and chair combo takes up by choosing a chair that seamlessly tucks away under your desk.

Working from home tips

You’re all kitted out and ready to seize the day, however, you may find your focus strays or productivity slows. Follow these tips to get you over the lull and sailing towards a successful day.

Desk with note books and pens.

Stick to a routine – Get up at the same time, get dressed, have brekkie and maybe allocate some ‘you time’ before work begins. When your shift ends, stop working. No peeking at emails!

Take regular breaks - Walk around, do stretches or grab some fresh air. This will give your eyes a break from the screen, your body a rest from sitting for hours and your mind the chance to clear.

Make social time - You’re used to an environment that’s buzzing and full of colleagues you can bounce ideas off and chat with. Make sure to plan informal virtual catch-ups so you can keep in touch and have a good chinwag.

Set boundaries - Explain to your kids and other household members that during these hours you have work to do which requires quiet time.

Stay hydrated - It’s easy to forget to drink when you’re tucked away at your desk. But if you don’t, you may find yourself feeling a little tired and less productive.

Add personality to your home office

Wooden shelving unit above desk.

Neutral roller blind in office.

Faux plant in pot on desk.

Orange candle on desk.

More ideas

Gold lamp on side board.

Neutral living room with bubble lamp and sofa.

White rug in living room with colourful pattern.

Lamp on wooden sideboard in living room.